Workshop on "Management of Research Data to Improve Research Quality"

A. Introduction

The National Scientific Repository (RIN) managed by the Scientific Documentation and Information Center - Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PDII-LIPI) needs to be professionally managed so that the data stored in the system is easy to access and use. Some Data Curator functions in the repository management system are ensuring valid, secure, right metadata, and ready-to-use data.

RIN will be used to manage research activities in the form of publications and scientific data generated from Indonesian researchers, especially LIPI researchers. The workshop will invite researchers and librarians at LIPI, academics, practitioners, and heads of work units. The conditions for organising activities are governed by these terms of reference.

B. Background

PDII-LIPI has experience in data management research generated by research centres, colleges, ministries, and research and development institutions. Research data is an asset of the institution and part of the research activity. How research data should be recorded, stored, maintained, and preserved is of concern of PDII. Data is still scattered in every researcher or research group. It causes data access to be limited. Vulnerable data be caused lost or damaged, software is out of date, and backups are irregular. Thus, the need for data management by institutions so as can be accessed and reuse.

Awareness for storing of research data which managed a researcher or research group was still low, many factors influence it. Therefore need socialisation does is often to give knowledge importance of research data for another person. Research data management by Institute will easy controlling of research results. For the institute, data repository preserving institute memory. Whereas for a researcher can collaboration network-wide.

Moreover, data repository useful as data resources reproduces and reuse. Research result can be reproduced if data are available so that can does research again with the same methodology for a similar result. Reproduce aim to test the validity and research result fix.   Meanwhile, utilisation of data reuse is reused the same data with other methodology to find optimal problem-solving. Quality research denotes an effect of quality data availability too.

To provide quality research data need professional management, from acquisition, validation, until dissemination. Moreover, skill and knowledge of human resources which manage National Scientific Repository need be increasing to goal and target of PDII-LIPI as Center of National Scientific Repository can be realised.

C.  Goal
In the Workshops will discussion agenda as follows:
  1. Gain understanding of Research Data Management
  2. Gain knowledge of Data Curation Life Cycle
  3. Participants can be understanding the procedure inside input research data to Repository System
  4. Gain input for improvement of Repository System

D. Target 

The expected goal of this workshop is:
  1. Giving repository description as a scientific data store
  2. Giving responsibility description  of a researcher to storing research data into Repository System
  3. Explaining operational of National Scientific Repository
  4. Describing Research Data Management Life Cycle

E. Amount and specifications of participants 

The participant attending are a researcher, librarian, practitioner, head of the work unit, and delegation of PUI network in the area which manage research data. Every work unit allowed to delegate include researcher, librarian, or database administrator.
Amount of workshop participant limited to 120 persons.

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