International Conference on Tropical Limnology 2019



Inland water in tropical regions is the home for myriad exotic aquatic organisms that interact each other and also with abiotic components available. Not only are such organisms dependent on this ecosystem but also humans are. Even though inland water contributes inconsiderable portion out of the total water globally, however, it is irrefutable that this ecosystem caters extensive ranges of goods and services. Numerous goods and services are, then, attributed upon which include water supply for aquaculture, irrigation, household uses, hydroelectric power generation; supply for goods such as fish and clams; and others for instance: transportation, recreational or spiritual purpose, and wildlife habitats. Despite all goods and services that inland water ecosystem has conferred to us, we often take for granted.

As human population grows, the demands upon ecosystem services increase considerably. This situation yields in noticeable stresses and threats over ecosystems. Urbanization, industrialization, agriculture, land-use and land-cover change might have impacted on inland water ecosystems. In the future, we may deal with more decline and loss of inland aquatic biodiversity. Maintaining an equilibrium between the societal demands and the attempts to sustain ecosystem values is evidently challenging. Science, technology and knowledge are golden tools for identifying problems and relaying solutions towards ecosystem sustainability.

Inland water ecosystems of tropical areas are distinctive as opposed to those in subtropical and temperate zones. Therefore, a particular forum for promoting tropical limnology is supposed to be encouraged to obtain more global recognition. International Conference on Tropical Limnology 2019 is projected as a forum that bridges multi-sectoral parties and communities from different backgrounds to share scientific knowledge and experience and support sustainable management in the field of tropical limnology.  In TROPLIMNO 2019, various programs are arranged to accommodate multiple goals of activities.

The Aims

1.To connect, discuss, share and create mutual network among communities from different backgrounds who are interested in tropical limnology

2.To disseminate science & technology and to lessen gap between scientific and common communities through fruitful discussion settings

3.To underpin sustainable management of inland aquatic ecosystems in tropical areas especially Southeast Asia region

Call for abstracts

We encourage the abstract submissions for our conference. Selected papers will be published in proceedings by IOP Publisher (indexed by Scopus). We also plan to publish a tropical limnology theme book (in SPRINGER) for selected papers only.

Important dates

Please mark your diary for the following dates.

Dates Remarks
Nov 2018- August 10th,2019 Registration period
Nov 2018- July 10th, 2019 Abstract submission
July 16th, 2019 Announcement of selected abstract
August 10th, 2019 Final Registration and Final Payment
August 20th, 2019 Fullpaper submission deadline
August 27th, 2019 Workshop IFBC by DIWPA
August 28th-29th, 2019 Conference dates
August 30th, 2019 MLI Annual Meeting

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