Determinants of Household Drinking-Water Source in Indonesia: An Analysis of the 2007 Indonesian Family Life Survey

Safe drinking water is a human right as it is an essential element to sustain life and maintain human health. Literature review confirms that there are many aspects that should be considered in providing safe drinking water in an equitable manner. Therefore, evidence-based data at national level are needed to inform policy-making process. This study presents data regarding drinking water ladder and its determinants using partial proportional odds regression model. Drinking water sources were classified into three categories, unimproved sources, improved sources and piped water on the premises. The overall model is statistically significant (p < 0.001) with McFadden adjusted… Selengkapnya

Publikasi jurnal nasional terakreditasi

Nationalism of Border Society: Case Study of Sangir People, Sangihe Regency.AbstractThis study aims to describe how maintenance of nationalism has been conducted by the state toward border communities and how far citizens understand the concept of the Homeland and border, national pride, and apprehending the meaning of nationalism. The main source of data used in this study was the result of interviews, focus group discussions, participant observation, and literature studies conducted in Tahuna, and Marore (Sangihe). The findings in this study are as follows. First, the acquisition of knowledge about the Homeland as a political concept, as well as national… Selengkapnya

Antibacterial, Antifungal and Anticancer Activity of Five Strains of Soil Microorganisms Isolated From Tangkuban Perahu Mountain by Fermentation

Microorganisms were isolated from soil taken from Tangkuban Perahu mountain. Five strains were investigated in this study, designated TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, and TP5, respectively. Morphological, biochemical and molecular identifications were conducted for all five strains. These isolates were shown to be closely related to Nocardia sp. YIM 65630 (90 persen), Streptomyces galbus (99 persen), Aspergillus unguis (86 persen), Paecilomyces marquandii (100 persen) and Nocardia niigatensis (95 persen), respectively. Production of antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer metabolites was done by fermentation. Screening for bioactivity of five isolates was done by testing the fermentation broth against resistant and pathogenic bacteria, fungi and… Selengkapnya


Pada penelitian ini, telah dilakukan proses tempa panas pada paduan Co-33Ni-20Cr-10Mo dengan selang temperatur 700-900 C , laju regangan (έ) berkisar antara 0,01-30 s1 dan regangan (ε) konstan sebesar 0,5 untuk mempelajari karakteristik deformasinya. Kurva tegangan regangan menunjukkan kecepatan pengerasan regangan pada temperatur tersebut. Pada temperatur 700-750 C , tegangan pada 0,2 persen terlihat menurun dengan meningkatnya laju regangan, sementara pada temperatur 800-850 C, tegangan tersebut tidak bergantung terhadap laju regangan. Sensitivitas laju regangan (m) yang dihasilkan pada temperatur 700-900 C adalah negatif yang menandakan bahwa interaksi dislokasi dengan atom terlarut telah terjadi pada selang temperatur tersebut. Interaksi antara atom… Selengkapnya

Semantic Roles Labeling for Reuse in CBR based QA System

Reuse process in CBR (Case-Based Reasoning)cycle is responsible for proposing solutions to a number of newproblems from a retrieval process. The aim of this paper is todevelop a new scheme to select some cases and solutions thatform QA-pairs using Semantic Role Labeling (SRL). In previousstudies, the selection process of cases and solutions have beendone using named entity and word co-occurrence. However, theresult have not satisfaction and achieved an accuracy only70.13 persen. This research work is focused on QA-pairs sorting. Thesorting method used extracting the rules of sentence structurepatterns that have been labeled semantic roles. Based onIndonesian medical Ontology, we use… Selengkapnya

Discovery Indonesian Medical Question-Answering Pairs Pattern With Question Generation

Question generating refers to the task of automatically generating questions from various inputs such as raw text, database, or semantic representation. This paper concerns with the development of the novel question generating methods for Indonesian medical question answering. It begins by presenting an overview of the main methods and followed by showing the architecture of the proposed system in detail. Furthermore, this paper proposed a novel template-based approach to question a generation by combining a number of semantic roles through a method of generating both general and domain-specific questions. It was more focused on Question Generating with a discourse task… Selengkapnya

A 6600 year earthquake history in the region of the 2004 Sumatra- Andaman subduction zone earthquake

In order to investigate the possibility of a long-term paleoseismic historyfrom offshore sedimentary records in Sumatra, we collected 144 deep-seasedimentcores in the trench and in lower slope piggyback basins of the Sumatraaccretionary prism. We used multibeam bathymetry and seismic reflectiondata to develop an understanding of catchment basins, turbidity currentpathways, and depositional styles, as well as to precisely locate our gravitycores, piston cores, Kasten cores, and multicores. We use detailed physicalproperty data, including computed tomographic X-ray, gamma density, magneticsusceptibility, grain-size analysis, faunal analysis, and smear slides, toevaluate the turbidite stratigraphy and sedimentology at each site. We useradiocarbon age control for piggyback… Selengkapnya

Subsurface resistivity images of the Belik area, Purbalingga based on magnetotelluric data, implication for hydrocarbon exploration

The study area is an area of hydrocarbon potential located in Belik Area, Central Java. From the results of seismic survey, it seen that the depth of about 2000 meters is still visible, but the signal of the seismic instrument could not penetrate deeper than 2000 meters. Therefore, Research Center for Geotechnology did an alternative method of magnetoteluric with trending north-south trajectory. Based on Djuri 1996, the stratigraphy of the study area consists of Tertiary to the Quaternary rocks. From the oldest is Pemali Formation, Rambatan Formation, Halang Formation, Kumbang Formation, Tapak Formation, Kalibiuk Formation, Ligung Formation and Alluvial. Pemali… Selengkapnya

The subsurface cross section resistivity using magnetotelluric method in Pelabuhan Ratu area, West Java, implication for geological hazard mitigation

Pelabuhan Ratu area is located on the south coast of West Java. Pelabuhan Ratu areas rapid development and population growth were partly stimulated by the Indonesian Government Regulation No. 66 the year 1998 that made Pelabuhan Ratu the capital city of the district of Sukabumi. Because of this fact, it is very important to create a geological hazard mitigation plan for the area. Pelabuhan Ratu were passed by two major faults: Cimandiri fault in the western and Citarik fault in the eastern. Cimandiri fault starts from the upstream of Cimandiri River to the southern of Sukabumi and Cianjur city. While… Selengkapnya


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of dilution towards milk liquid waste in biologically producing hydrogen gas by photosynthetic bacteria, Rhodobium marinum. The methods included pretreatments of the milk liquid waste by sterilization, filtration, neutralization, and centrifugation, before and after dilution. From several experiments, 100 persen of milk liquid waste substrate generated the highest hydrogen gas production up to 93.45 16.15 ml, but the highest efficiency was obtained at level 12.5 persen of milk liquid waste substrate which valued 0.33 mol hydrogen/ mol glucose consumed. Kinetics measurements for hydrogen production process in milk liquid waste which was added… Selengkapnya