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2020 Platygobiopsis hadiatyae, a new species of deepwater gobiid from Indonesia (Teleostei, Gobiidae, Gobiinae) HK. Larson1; Z. Jaafar, TH. Hui & T. Peristiwady A new species of the gobiid genus Platygobiopsis Springer & Randall, 1992, is described based on a single specimen collected via dredge deployed at a depth range of 172 m and 182 m within the East Sunda Strait off Panaitan Island (Indonesia). The new species differs chieftly from congeners in having a scaleless (vs. scaled) chest and belly. A key to the four known species of Platygobiopsis is provided. Key words. Gobiidae, Gobiinae, Platygobiopsis, new species Lihat
2020 Species delimitation and systematics of the green pythons (Morelia viridis complex) of melanesia and Australia Awal Riyanto,Amir Hamidy,Daniel J.D. Natusch , Damien Esquerré, Jessica A. Lyons, Alan R. Lemmon , Emily Moriarty Lemmon , Scott Keogh , Stephen Donnellan Molecular data sets and the increasing use of integrative systematics is revealing cryptic diversity in a range of taxa – particularly in remote and poorly sampled landscapes like the island of New Guinea. Green pythons (Morelia viridis complex) are one of the most conspicuous elements of this island’s fauna, with large numbers taken from the wild to supply international demand for exotic pets. We test hypotheses about species boundaries in green pythons from across New Guinea and Australia with itochondrial genomes, 389 nuclear exons, and comprehensive assessment of morphological variation. Strong genetic structuring of green python populations and species delimitation… Lihat
2020 pemanfaatn serangga akuatik untuk investigasi forensik Merry Christina Simanjuntak,Jojok Sudarso Serangga akuatik merupakan komponen penting dalam proses dekomposisi materi organik kasar di ekosistem perairan dan sebagian besar termasuk dalam organisme makrozoobentos (Parmenter and Lamarra,1991). Kurang lebih 70-90% organisme makro-zoobentos yang ada termasuk dalam golongan serangga (Fenoglio et al.,2014). Peran dari hewan tersebut di perairan adalah sebagai dekomposer materi organik kasar untuk dirubah menjadi partikel organik halus (fine particulate organic matter/FPOM maupun ultra particulate organic matter/ UPOM). Sebagian besar penelitian tentang serangga akuatik ini lebih banyak difokuskan pada: interaksi antara mangsa-predator, fisiologi, dinamika trofik, kompetisi, dinamika populasi, pencemaran, parasitisme, taksonomi, tingkah laku, dan sebagainya (Merrit and Wallace,2010). Namun kajian mengenai peran… Lihat
2020 MENGUNGKAP DINAMIKA OSEANOGRAFI GUGUS PULAU PARI Corry Corvianawatie,Dewi Surinati Judul buku: PULAU PARI : SUATU KAJIAN ILMIAH KOMPERHENSIF (Tinjauan Aspek Bio-Ekologi, Sumber Daya Hayati, Sosial-Ekonomi dan Budaya Serta Pengelolaan Berkelanjutan) Lihat
2020 Diurnal Variation of the Water Quality Parameters in the Waste Stabilization Ponds (WSP) for Water Treatment of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) Ponds with Closed Re-Circulation System Nurul Setiadewi,Guruh Satria Ajie Organic wastes from Floating Fish Cage Aquaculture (FCA) activities have polluted many inland water bodies, from small reservoirs to major lakes, in Indonesia. It has become a national priority to restore ecosystem health in Lake Maninjau. The lake has suffered from the negative effects of approx. 17,000 units of FCA on its surface area. Response for a better FCA practices that would process its own waste before returning it back to the lake ecosystem has been proposed. FCA waste should be contained for then pumped into a wetland system for its water quality improvement. The proposed system consists of a… Lihat
2020 Multiplicity dependence of light (anti-)nuclei production in p-Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 5.02 TeV ALICE Collaboration, Suharyo Sumowidagdo The measurement of the deuteron and anti-deuteron production in the rapidity range −1<y<0 as a function of transverse momentum and event multiplicity in p–Pb collisions at sNN = 5.02 TeV is presented. (Anti-)deuterons are identified via their specific energy loss dE/dx and via their time-of-flight. Their production in p–Pb collisions is compared to pp and Pb–Pb collisions and is discussed within the context of thermal and coalescence models. The ratio of integrated yields of deuterons to protons (d/p) shows a significant increase as a function of the charged-particle multiplicity of the event starting from values similar to those observed in… Lihat
2020 State Machine Implementation for Human Object Tracking using Combination of MobileNet, KCF Tracker, and HOG Features Fabiola Maria Teresa Reetno Kinasih , Christ Freben Dommaris Saragih , Carmadi Machbub , Pranoto Hidaya Rusmin , Lenni Yulianti Since the Viola and Jones' method on real-time face detection was proposed in 2001, numerous works for object detection, person recognition, and object tracking have been published by papers and journals. Each method has its strong points and drawbacks. That means that in a system which only employs a standalone method, we could only get either speed or accuracy. In this paper, we proposed a state-machine method to combine face recognition, face detection, and tracker to harness the tracker promptness while maintaining the ability to distinguish the person of interest with the other person and backgrounds, to overcome the limitations… Lihat
2020 Genetic characterization and phylogenetic study of Indonesian Indigenous Catfish based on Mitochondrial cytochrome B gene Dorothea Vera Megarani; Zahrah Prawita Andarini; Yura Dwi Risa B R Surbakti; Rini Widayanti Aim: This study aimed to determine the genetic characterization and phylogenetic structure of Indonesian indigenous catfish using cytochrome B (Cyt B) sequences. Materials and Methods: The genomes of 26 catfishes caught from nine rivers from nine different geographical locations around Indonesia were analyzed. The tissue isolation method was used to isolate the total genome of the fishes. Furthermore, polymerase chain reaction was done to amplify the mtDNA Cyt B using the CytBF and CytBR primers. Following sequencing, the analysis of genetic variation and the phylogenetic relationship was performed using MEGA version X software. Results: Cyt B gene sequencing attained a… Lihat
2020 dalam proses Review, judul publikasi Population structure of Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr. (Orchidaceae) in relation to habitat disturbance and vegetation characteristics Habitat disturbance can have large impacts on the persistence, survival, and growth of plant population, particularly for orchids, one of the most threatened plant families.The present study aimed to investigate the impact of habitat disturbance on the population of a terrestrial orchid, Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr, in terms of its population structure which is important in determining population viability for the species survival. The species occured in three habitat types (disturbed habitat i.e. totally converted habitat into cananga plantation, burnt habitat, and undisturbed habitat). Plots of 2 m x 2 m were established in these three habitat types and the… Lihat
2020 Testing Infrastructure Readiness for Electronic-Based Medical Devices in Indonesia Jimmy Abdel Kadar,Mohamad Tomtom Makmur,Ihsan Supono,Asep Rahmat Hidayat,Wuwus Ardiatna,Siddiq Wahyu Hidayat,Amelia Febri Ariani The purpose of this study is to review the gap between the regulations and the supporting infrastructure that was formed and to propose strategies in developing a conformity assessment infrastructure as part of it. This activity uses descriptive qualitative methods through collecting indicators from regulations, the results of previous researches and collecting data through interviews and questionnaires from stakeholders. This activity is a preliminary study that outlines problems related to the development of the medical device industry in Indonesia, in terms of the adequacy of electronic-based medical device testing infrastructure. The results showed that the lack of infrastructure affecting the… Lihat