Begonia Edible Plants and Its Conservation in Bali Botanic Garden

Penulis: N.K.E. Undaharta; IG. Wawan Setiadi
Begonia is an ornamental plants, but it can also be used as food and medicine. The method used in this study was literature and inventory, distribution of Begonia was also studied. The distribution of Begonia was deployed largely and become an ornamental plant, which also can be eaten. A total of 43 species of edible Begonia have been identified and many more species of Begonia may be edible and useful for medicine. Part edible plant parts largely comes from leaves and petiole. This study is helpfull and useful for knowledge about the plants species as a food ingredient. Keywords: begonia, edible plants, conservation

The International Conference on Biosciences 2016


ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : ISBN 9-786022-941491

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No. Arsip : LIPI-17001