Description of two new bird species from the Meratus Mountains of southeast Borneo, Indonesia

Penulis: Subir B. Shakya, Frederick H. Sheldon, Simon L. Mitchell, Ryan C. Burner, C. Bocos, James A. Eaton, Frank E. Rheindt.
We describe two new bird species from the Meratus Mountains of southeastern Borneo, Indonesia: a jungle-flycatcher (genus Cyornis) and a white-eye (genus Zosterops). Our descriptions are based on comparisons of plumage, mitochondrial ND2 DNA sequences, and vocalizations of the new species and their congeners. The new Meratus jungle-flycatcher is most closely related to Cyornis montanus but morphologically distinguished by lighter blue on the upperparts and more whitish and less reddish on the underparts. The new Meratus white-eye is most closely related to Zosterops chloris but distinguished by olive upperparts and darker underparts. Vocalizations and genetic divergence values also corroborate species status for both new taxa. Both new species are probably confined to the Meratus Mountains, which are currently surrounded by degraded lower elevation secondary woodland or converted agricultural landscape. They appear to have diverged from their sister species through geographic isolation in this remote mountain range compounded by altered population dynamics in a depauperate montane bird community. Although both species are relatively common in the restricted area of the Meratus Mountains, continued habitat alteration and the imminent threat of poaching may be in the process of endangering them. Therefore, we recommend the IUCN Red List status of “Vulnerable” for the new species based on criteria B1 and B2. Keywords: new species, Cyornis, Zosterops, Meratus Mountains, ND2 DNA sequences, plumages, vocalizations

Irham M., Haryoko T., Shakya S.B., Mitchell S.L., Burner R.C., Bocos C., Eaton J.A., Rheindt F.E., Suparno, Sheldon F.H. & Prawiradilaga D.M. (In Press). Description of two new bird species from the Meratus Mountains southeast Borneo, Indonesia. Journal of Ornithology (in press).

No. Arsip : LIPI-20211027