Instrumentation System for Water Balance Measurements on Serkuk SubBasin, Kubu Watershed, Belitung

Penulis: Sensus Wijonarko, Tatik Maftukhah
The aim of this research was to create an automatic equipment system that would be able to collect water balance data at any special moment on PDAM Air Serkuk Subbasin, Kubu Watershed, Belitung. Therefore, the system consisted of water balance component devices where in this case namely rainfall, interception, evaporation, infiltration, and runoff instruments. The research method was research and development that based on the water weighing principle. For one storm with the rainfall depth 4.75 mm on the Subbasin area 8,269,003 m2, the result showed that volumes of rainfall, interception, evaporation, transpiration, runoff, and soil water storage change infiltration were 39,277.76 m3, 20,268.70 m3, 680.53 m3, 1,053 m3, 0 m3, and 17,275.67 m3 respectively.

Proceeding of ConFAST 2016

No. Arsip : LIPI-16030