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2019 Lactobacillus pentosus isolated from Muntingia calabura shows inhibition activity toward alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase in intra and extracellular level Andri Frediansyah, Suryani, Rifa Nurhayati, Miftakhussolikhah and J. Sholihah Lactobacillus pentosus is one of the most prevalence lactic acid bacterium which available in plant-based fermentation. Here, we reported that the cell extract and cell-free supernatant of L. pentosus strain TL 2.7, TL 5.8 and TL 7.8 isolated from Kersen (Muntingiacalabura L.) showed potential anti-diabetic properties by inhibition of alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase activity in vitro. All isolated also enhanced the antioxidant capacity through DPPH in vitro test. This initial study will be beneficial for screening and application of functional food with anti-diabetic properties. Lihat
2019 Optimization of Cellulose Isolation from Melaleuca leucadendron Twigs by Box-Behnken Design Dwi Joko Prasetyo,Roni Maryana,Tri Hadi Jatmiko,Hernawan,Satriyo Krido Wahono The production of Melaleuca leucadendron essential oil generates a lot of solid waste, since only under 2% take it out as the oil product. The solid waste contains cellulose as an important content which can be isolated by alkaline treatment of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). In this project, optimization of alkaline treatment of M. leucadendron twigs (MLT) waste was studied in order to obtain optimum isolated cellulose. The experiments were conducted at atmospheric pressure and boiling temperature. The 33 Box-Behnken design (BBD) was used to evaluate the effects of treatment time, solid loading and NaOH concentration. Quadratic model evaluation showed that… Lihat
2019 Transformation of Mordenite-Clinoptilolite Natural Zeolite at Different Calcination Temperatures Satriyo Krido Wahono,Dwi Joko Prasetyo,Tri Hadi Jatmiko,Andri Suwanto,Diah Pratiwi,Hernawan,Krasimir Vasilev Natural zeolite is one of prospective material with various applications. The material has low-cost provisioning and abundant availability in the world. Mordeniteclinoptilolite is one of the common types of natural zeolite; one of the deposits are located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. For optimizing the utilization, some treatment is needed, calcination being one of the possible treatments. The dealuminated natural zeolite was used as the base material for understanding the transformation effect, then calcinated the zeolite in various temperature range between 400 °C and 1000 °C. Some characterization was conducted after the treatment, such as XRD, SEM-EDX, and BET to explore… Lihat
2019 [JURNAL TERINDEKS SCOPUS DAN ESCI]: In Vitro Study of the Combination of Doxorubicin, Curcuma xanthorrhiza, Brucea javanica, and Ficus septica as a Potential Novel Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer Ika Rahmawati Sutejo, Herwandhani Putri, Riris Istighfari Jenie, Edy Meiyanto, Sri Handayani Less optimized therapeutic effects constrain the use of doxorubicin as the main agent of chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer, resistance and side effects. Therefore we need a combination of more than one chemopreventive agent which has different molecular targets to solve that problem. The aims of this study is to prove the inhibitory effect of ethanolic extract of rhizome of Curcuma xanthorrhiza (ECx), fruit of Brucea javanica (EBj), leave of Ficus septica (EFs) and doxorubicin (Dox) alone and its combination on migration and invasion of a highly metastatic 4T1 breast cancer cell line. Cytotoxic activity of single and combination treatment… Lihat
2019 Antibacterial Bioactivity of n-Hexane Extract from Mahogany (Swietenia humilis Zucc.) Seed and Its Fatty Acid Compound Identification AP Asmara, Hernawan,C Nuzlia, Roni Maryana An investigation of antimicrobial bioactivity followed by GCMS analysis for the fatty acid composition has been conducted to the crude n-hexane extract of Swietenia humilis Zucc. seed. The goal of this research to determine the inhibition zone diameter for antimicrobial activity and the percentage of fatty acid contained in the extract. The seed of S. humilis Zucc. have been extracted by soxhletation with n-hexane as the solvent. The extract has been tested through in vitro antimicrobial bioassay toward Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli by paper disc diffusion method. The fatty acid composition has been identified by fatty acid methyl esters… Lihat
2019 Komposisi biskuit kaya antioksidan berbahan dasar ubi kayu terfermentasi dan labu kuning Anastasia Wheni Indrianingsih M.Sc.Eng, Vita Taufika Rosyida M.P., Wuri Apriyana S.Si. M.Sc, Septi Nur Hayati MSc.,Apt., Cici Darsih S.Si., Khoirun Nisa M.Sc., Cici Darsih S.Si., Annisa Kusumaningrum ST.MT, Anastasia Wheni Indrianingsih M.Sc.Eng Invensi ini berkaitan dengan suatu komposisi biskuit yang berbahan dasar dari ubi kayu terfermentasi dan labu kuning (C.moschata). Invensi ini bertujuan untuk menyediakan komposisi biskuit yang berbahan dasar dari ubi kayu terfermentasi dan labu kuning (C.moschata). Lihat
2019 The Effect of Yellow Natural Color from Turmeric on Physical and Sensory Properties of Arenga Starch-Taro (Colocasia esculanta L.) Flour Noodle ,,,Maharani P. Elfanti, Yudi Pranoto Arenga starch-taro (Colocasia esculanta L.) flour noodle is an alternative carbohydrate source made from 75% arenga starch and 25% taro flour. This research purpose is to know the effect of natural color extracts on the physical and sensory properties of noodle. Coloring extraction was done using 5 variances of turmeric rhizome (0.06; 0.12; 0.18; 0.24; and 0.30 g (fresh weight/ml water). Then, noodle was made and physical and sensory properties were evaluated. The result showed that coloring extracts addition decreased the break compression, elongation, and tensile strength of arenga starch-taro flour sohun. Turmeric rhizome extract addition increased the yellow color. Lihat
2019 Sensorial and chemical characterization of snack bar with variation of gembolo flour (Dioscorea bulbifera) and arrowroot starch (Marantha arundinaceaeL.) ,,Anggita Ratri Pusporini, Agnes Murdiati Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes mellitus, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases have grown rapidly in the last 10 years. Non-communicable diseases can be caused by poor diet and various types of unhealthy foods. Along with the development of the times, snack bars increasingly become a trend as one of the healthy food products. On the other hand, the economic value of local tubers such as gembolo (Dioscorea bulbifera L.) and arrowroot tuber (Marantha arundinaceaeL.) is still low. Both are known to have good functional value especially in dietary fiber, which is potential to be used as raw materials in the… Lihat
2019 Geographical and Hydrological Conditions Edikusmanto,Deny Sutisna,M. Hasanudin,Ai Jun pan, Wei bo Wang, xi wu zhou, Kai Li, Mingzhang Zeng - Lihat
2019 Nigella sativa oil: physico-chemical properties, authentication analysis and its antioxidant activity Anjar Windarsih,,Abdul Rohman; Endang Lukitaningsih; Mohamad Rafi, Nurrulhidayah Ahmad Fadzillah; Anjar Windarsih Nigella sativaoil (NSO) is one of the high value oils in fats and oils industry due to its nutritional applications and its beneficial effects on human health. Several biological activities have been reported, especially antioxidant activities due to its active components, especially phenolics compounds. Some methods have been used for extraction of NSO from seeds to obtain high yield with excellent quality which includes solvent extraction, cold press, Soxhlet, and microwave assisted extraction. NSO commands a high price in the market, as a consequence, NSO is a target to be adulterated with cheaper oils such as corn and soybean oils.… Lihat