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2020 dalam proses Review, judul publikasi Population structure of Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr. (Orchidaceae) in relation to habitat disturbance and vegetation characteristics Habitat disturbance can have large impacts on the persistence, survival, and growth of plant population, particularly for orchids, one of the most threatened plant families.The present study aimed to investigate the impact of habitat disturbance on the population of a terrestrial orchid, Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr, in terms of its population structure which is important in determining population viability for the species survival. The species occured in three habitat types (disturbed habitat i.e. totally converted habitat into cananga plantation, burnt habitat, and undisturbed habitat). Plots of 2 m x 2 m were established in these three habitat types and the… Lihat
2020 [Jurnal Global] Crustal shear-wave velocity structure in Western Java, Indonesia from analysis of teleseismic receiver functions Titi Anggono,Syuhada,Febty Febriani,Lina Handayani,Muhammad Ma'ruf Mukti,Titi Anggono,Andi Amran We analysed receiver functions from teleseismic events recorded at 11 broadband seismometers in the western part of Java Island, Indonesia. The stations are mostly located at three main geological environment including northwest Java Basin, Bogor Zone, and Southern Mountains Arc. A total of about 341 receiver functions were computed using iterative time domain deconvolution. We derived shear-wave velocity structure and crustal Vp/Vs ratio by inverting stacked radial receiver functions using non-linear neighbourhood algorithm. Inversion results show sediment thickness varies between 1 and 2 km thick in Western Java. Our inversion shows that crustal thickness in this region varies between 25… Lihat
2020 Growth inhibition of Fusarium solani and F. oxysporum by Streptomyces sasae TG01, and its ability to solubilize insoluble phosphate Abstract. Sudiana A, Putri A, Napitupulu TP, Purnaningsih I, Idris, Kanti A. 2020. Growth inhibition of Fusarium solani and F. oxysporum by Streptomyces sasae TG01, and its ability to solubilize insoluble phosphate. Biodiversitas 21: 429-435. Actinomycetes have been widely explored for new antibiotic production, but not many studies explore its abilities to inhibit the growth of phytopathogenic fungi and solubilize insoluble phosphate hence stimulate the growth of plants. We isolated Actinomycetes from the soil. Based on morphology, physiology, and 16S rDNA analyses, the isolate is closely related to Streptomyces sasae. The strain was able to inhibit the growth of phytopathogenic… Lihat
2020 TW-I-Submitted KTI ke Jurnal Global (Q3) - Assessing the Conservation Status of Tree Fern Cibotium arachnoideum (C. Chr.) Holttum Titien Ngatinem Praptosuwiryo Dr. Titien Ngatinem Praptosuwiryo telah submitted manuscript berjudul "Assessing the Conservation Status of Tree Fern Cibotium arachnoideum (C. Chr.) Holttum" ke Jurnal BIODIVERSITAS (Q3). (Januari 2020: Submitted; Februari 10th 2020; Revised) ABSTRACT An assessment of the conservation status of all known plant species is a foundational step to guiding conservation action. It is highlighted as a global conservation priority in the GSPC (Global Strategy for Plant Conservation) Target 2. Ferns and lycophytes are undoubtedly under threat as humans have caused the destruction of natural habitats and unparalleled species extinction. Cibotium arachnoideum (C. Chr.) Holttum (Cibotiaceae), is a large terrestrial fern… Lihat
2020 State Machine Implementation for Human Object Tracking using Combination of MobileNet, KCF Tracker, and HOG Features Fabiola Maria Teresa Reetno Kinasih , Christ Freben Dommaris Saragih , Carmadi Machbub , Pranoto Hidaya Rusmin , Lenni Yulianti Since the Viola and Jones' method on real-time face detection was proposed in 2001, numerous works for object detection, person recognition, and object tracking have been published by papers and journals. Each method has its strong points and drawbacks. That means that in a system which only employs a standalone method, we could only get either speed or accuracy. In this paper, we proposed a state-machine method to combine face recognition, face detection, and tracker to harness the tracker promptness while maintaining the ability to distinguish the person of interest with the other person and backgrounds, to overcome the limitations… Lihat
2020 Genetic characterization and phylogenetic study of Indonesian Indigenous Catfish based on Mitochondrial cytochrome B gene Dorothea Vera Megarani; Zahrah Prawita Andarini; Yura Dwi Risa B R Surbakti; Rini Widayanti Aim: This study aimed to determine the genetic characterization and phylogenetic structure of Indonesian indigenous catfish using cytochrome B (Cyt B) sequences. Materials and Methods: The genomes of 26 catfishes caught from nine rivers from nine different geographical locations around Indonesia were analyzed. The tissue isolation method was used to isolate the total genome of the fishes. Furthermore, polymerase chain reaction was done to amplify the mtDNA Cyt B using the CytBF and CytBR primers. Following sequencing, the analysis of genetic variation and the phylogenetic relationship was performed using MEGA version X software. Results: Cyt B gene sequencing attained a… Lihat
2020 MENGUNGKAP DINAMIKA OSEANOGRAFI GUGUS PULAU PARI Corry Corvianawatie,Dewi Surinati Judul buku: PULAU PARI : SUATU KAJIAN ILMIAH KOMPERHENSIF (Tinjauan Aspek Bio-Ekologi, Sumber Daya Hayati, Sosial-Ekonomi dan Budaya Serta Pengelolaan Berkelanjutan) Lihat
2020 KECENDERUNGAN NAIKNYA SUHU PERMUKAAN LAUT DAN RESILIENSI KARANG SETELAH KEJADIAN PEMUTIHAN KARANG 2010 DAN 2016 DI TAMAN WISATA PERAIRAN (TWP) PULAU PIEH, PADANG, SUMATRA BARAT Fasmi Ahmad,Sam Wouthuyzen Kejadian pemutihan karang (coral bleaching) telah melanda hampir seluruh perairan Indonesia sedikitnya 4 kali antara tahun 1982-2016. Dua kejadian terbaru (2010 dan 2016) telah dibahas mendalam, namun belum ada kajian rinci pada suatu lokasi yang spesifik, seperti di Taman Wisata Perairan (TWP) Pulau Pieh, perairan Padang, Sumatra Barat yang dipengaruhi oleh massa air Samudra Hindia. Tulisan ini bertujuan mengkaji kecenderungan naiknya suhu permukaan laut (SPL) pada kejadian pemutihan karang 2010 dan 2016 dan resiliensi karang setelah kejadian tersebut. Pada kajian ini data SPL jangka panjang hasil pemindaian citra satelit Aqua MODIS digunakan secara intensif. Hasil kajian menunjukkan bahwa SPL rata-rata… Lihat
2020 Luteinizing Hormone Receptor Gene Polymorphism of Pasundan Cattle in Ciamis DN Arifin, C Sumantri, DN Hadi. Pasundan cattle is a local livestock that has lived and well adapted in West Java. In 2015, the population declined by 20.96% caused by the high selling prices and changes in land functions. The impact of declining of the population can causes genetic degradation indirectly. One of the efforts to increase the population is selection of cattle based on luteinizing hormone receptor gene polymorphism that can used as molecular selection for reproductive traits. Thirty seven heads of Pasundan cattle with artificial insemination calving records was used in this study. The exon 11 of LHR gene was amplified and subsequently analysed… Lihat
2020 Kinematics motility of frozen-thawed X and Y sperm of Sumba Ongole bull The aim of this study was to investigate the kinematics motility of frozen-thawed Sumba sexed sperm of Ongole bull using snake head fish albumin (SFA) column method. The SFA was made by different concentration ratio of top and bottom fraction namely 2 and 4%; 3 and 5%; 4 and 6% respectively, and BSA 5 and 10% as control. Semen pellet was diluted with Optixcell CSS extender, then sexed sperms were filled in mini straw (0.25 mL) followed with equilibration at 4oC for 2-4 hours. Prefreezing was performed for 15 minutes then freeze in liquid nitrogen. Kinematics motility was evaluated using… Lihat