An improved high-throughput Nile red fluorescence assay for estimating intracellular lipids in a variety of yeast species

A rapid and inexpensive method for estimating lipid content of yeasts is needed for screening large numbers of yeasts samples. Nile red is a fluorescent lipophilic dye used for detection and quantification of intracellular lipid droplets in various biological system including algae, yeasts and filamentous fungi. However, a published assay for yeast is affected by variable diffusion across the cell membrane, and variation in the time required to reach maximal fluorescence emission. In this study, parameters that may influence the emission were varied to determine optimal assay conditions. An improved assay with a high-throughput capability was developed that includes the… Selengkapnya

Indonesian oleaginous yeasts isolated from Piper betle L and P nigrum L

Isolates were identified using sequence analysis of the D1/D2 region of large 26S ribosomal subunit rDNA. They belong to 25 species in 11 genera. Strains Cryptococcus luteolus InaCC Y-265, Candida orthopsilosis InaCC Y-302, and Candida oleophila InaCC Y-306 could accumulate more than 40 persen of lipid per g of cell biomass on a dry weight basis. The fatty acids observed were primarily palmitic acid (C18:1), palmitoleic acid (C16:1), stearic acid (C18:0), oleic acid (C18:1) and linolenic acid (C18:2). The fatty acid profiles suggest that these yeasts may be good candidates for biodiesel production, as they are similar to the fatty… Selengkapnya

The feed readiness in small scale farms as the adaptation strategy toward the climate change by exploiting local flora biodiversities

Sumber daya flora lokal untuk pakan memiliki nilai penting, khususnya untuk ketahanan masyarakat petani di dalam menghadapi perubahan iklim global. Ketersediaan hijauan pakan untuk ternak pada ekosistem lahan kering tergantung kepada ketersedian air. Dampak perubahan iklim dirasakan pada bergesernya pola curah hujan, bahkan terhadap mulainya masa musim kering. Hal tersebut harus diantisipasi dengan kesiapan masyarakat lokal di dalam memahami ketersedian pakan dan pengelolaannya pada masing-masing musim. Di kawasan Bali Bagian Timur dan kawasan Nusa Tenggara (Barat dan Timur) iklim kering tahun 2004 menyebabkan krisis pakan. Mengacu kepada permasalahan tersebut di atas, penelitian telah dilakukan dengan tujuan inventarisasi sumberdaya hayati flora… Selengkapnya

The Dynamics Illustration of Pandanus illustrations from A Historical Perspective

Pandanaceae is placed in the superorder Pandaniflorae and the order Pandanales, indicating its uniqueness when compared with the other seed plants. Pandanaceae contains three genera, Pandanus, Sararanga and Freycinetia. Limited collections seem to be one reason why botanical illustrations are made, so that people can enjoy their collections from a picture painted on canvas. Botanical illustration is one type of record that can also give evidence about whether the plant exists. In addition, botanical illustration can give information about the growth of the plant, and historical evidence can be traced. There is no doubt that Pandanus has also been well… Selengkapnya

Pertumbuhan Kura-kura Dada Merah Jambu Myuchelys novaeguineae schultzei (Voght, 1911) di Penangkaran (Bagian 2)

Observation of breeding activities and growth of pink-bellied Snapping turtles Myuchelys novaeguineae schultzei at captive breeding has been conducted in 2011. Adult females lay egg four times a year. Each clutch contains 6 8 eggs. Length of egg incubation in nest until hatch was between 80 and 101 days. Egg incubation in rainy season is longer than that in dry season. A total of 7 hatchlings were hatched in June by observing their growth to measure body weight, long and wide of carapace every 3 months. Growth of body weight in the second 3-month was faster than that in the… Selengkapnya

Melanotaenia flavipinnis, a new species of rainbowfish (Melanotaenidae) from Misool island, West Papua province, Indonesia

A new species of melanotaeniid rainbowfish, Melanotaenia flavipinnis, is described from Misool Island in the Birds Head region of western New Guinea (West Papua Province, Indonesia). The new taxon is described from 20 specimens, 38.5-77.2 mm SL, collected from two creeks on southeastern Misool. It is the second rainbowfish known from this island, which lies about 67 km south of the New Guinea mainland. It is distinguished from congeners, and especially from M. misoolensis, by a combination of features that include a distinctive colour pattern with yellow dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins, usually 18-19 rakers on the first gill arch,… Selengkapnya

Pengaruh Thermal Hardening Terhadap Karakteristik Struktur Mikro Dan Sifat Mekanik Besi Tuang Putih Paduan Khrom Tinggi Untuk Aplikasi Grinding Ball

ASTM A532 Type II-A adalah jenis material besi tuang putih paduan khrom tinggi (high chromium white cast iron), dengan kandungan karbon 2,3 persen dan khrom lebih dari 13,3 persen. Umumnya ASTM A532 Type II-A banyak digunakan sebagai grinding ball. Pada studi penelitian ini, proses perlakuan panas berupa thermal hardening dilakukan terhadap material ASTM A532 Type II-A untuk meningkatkan nilai kekerasannya. Proses quenching menggunakan dua buah media quenching yang berbeda, yaitu oli dan udara paksa (udara ditiupkan secara langsung dari fan), sedangkan proses tempering dilakukan pada temperatur yang bervariasi yaitu 250 C, 300 C, dan 350 C. Hasil proses thermal hardening… Selengkapnya