Pro-poor technology in small scale farming for adaptation to climate anomalies

The objective of study was to assess the role of local biodiversity resources and pro-poor technology input on the ability of local community (community resilience) to face the impact of weather or climate anomalies. Local resources of floral feed have a significance sense to farmer community resilience faced climate anomalies impact, particularly in some certain local farmer in the dry land of northern and eastern small island of Bali, Indonesia. Forage availability was influenced by on water shortage. Climate anomaly impact to perceive rainfall shifting, even to the dry season period began. In Bali, peak of dry climate crisis in… Selengkapnya

Assessing Sources of Parametric Uncertaintyand Uncertainty Propagation in Sediment Runoff Simulations of Flooding

This paper presents a framework for assessing the contribution of different sources of parametric uncertainty in sediment runoff simulations. The proposed uncertainty assessment is comprised in the three procedures. First, global parametric sensitivity and uncertainty analysis based on a Monte Carlo Simulation technique was applied to identify the dominant uncertainty sources. The analysis revealed a few parameters significantly affecting the model behaviours. Second, the propagation of parametric uncertainties through sediment runoff simulations was investigated, which identified that sediment simulations tend to involve more uncertainty than only streamflow simulations. Third, by conducting scenario simulations considering different uncertainty sources, it explores a… Selengkapnya