Metode pembuatan gas diffution layer PEMFC menggunakan karbon konduktif berbahan dasar serat alam

Metode pembuatan gas diffution layer PEMFC menggunakan karbon konduktif berbahan dasar serat alam Selengkapnya

Analysis of Functional Group Sited on Multi‐Wall Carbon Nanotube Surface

Functionalization of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) plays an important role in creating CNT hybride material. In this study, integrated analysis of functional group sites on the pristine and modified Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) surface was comparably conducted to know the effect of acid solution on the surface after purification and functionalization process. Acid treatment removed rest of graphitic and residual catalytic metal particles and suffered degradation, such as nanotube shortening and additional defect generation in the graphitic network. Defects on the side wall due to functionalized group clearly shown in Transmission Electron Image (TEM) images cause a reduction in thermal stability.… Selengkapnya

Near-Brane SU(6)-Sttronglycoupled -Origin Exotic Higgses and Gauges-Like Scalars in Schrek-Schwarz Breaking of 5-Dimensional SU(6) via Double Vacua

The symmetry breaking of 5-dimensional SU(6) is realized by Scherk-Schwarz mech-anism through trivial and pseudo non-trivial manner with orbifold S1=Z2 breakings to produce dimensional deconstruction 5D SU(6)!4D SU(6). The later also induces near-brane strongly-coupled SU(6) will-be-SimplestLittleHiggs scalar to further break the symmetry into SU(3)cSU(3)HU(1)C under triplet-triplet splitting as required by trivial-and-pseudonontrivial conditions. The model successfully provides a scenario of the origin of collective breaking and one-by-one breaking patterns where the first comprises of both shift and asymptotic shift symmetry accompanied by local gauge symmetry breaking, and the later involves only the shift symmetry breaking. Heisenberg scalar, a basic constituent of… Selengkapnya