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2019 Sensorial and chemical characterization of snack bar with variation of gembolo flour (Dioscorea bulbifera) and arrowroot starch (Marantha arundinaceaeL.) ,,Anggita Ratri Pusporini, Agnes Murdiati Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes mellitus, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases have grown rapidly in the last 10 years. Non-communicable diseases can be caused by poor diet and various types of unhealthy foods. Along with the development of the times, snack bars increasingly become a trend as one of the healthy food products. On the other hand, the economic value of local tubers such as gembolo (Dioscorea bulbifera L.) and arrowroot tuber (Marantha arundinaceaeL.) is still low. Both are known to have good functional value especially in dietary fiber, which is potential to be used as raw materials in the… Lihat
2019 Nigella sativa oil: physico-chemical properties, authentication analysis and its antioxidant activity Anjar Windarsih,,Abdul Rohman; Endang Lukitaningsih; Mohamad Rafi, Nurrulhidayah Ahmad Fadzillah; Anjar Windarsih Nigella sativaoil (NSO) is one of the high value oils in fats and oils industry due to its nutritional applications and its beneficial effects on human health. Several biological activities have been reported, especially antioxidant activities due to its active components, especially phenolics compounds. Some methods have been used for extraction of NSO from seeds to obtain high yield with excellent quality which includes solvent extraction, cold press, Soxhlet, and microwave assisted extraction. NSO commands a high price in the market, as a consequence, NSO is a target to be adulterated with cheaper oils such as corn and soybean oils.… Lihat
2019 Antiradical activity and physico-chemical analysis of crackers from Cucurbita moschata and modified cassava flour Anastasia Wheni Indrianingsih,Vita Taufika Rosyida,Wuri Apriyana,Septi Nur Hayati,Khoirun Nisa,Cici Darsih,Annisa Kusumaningrum,Anastasia Wheni Indrianingsih,Vita Taufika Rosyida,Vita Taufika Rosyida,Wuri Apriyana,Vita Taufika Rosyida,Wuri Apriyana,Septi Nur Hayati,Vita Taufika Rosyida,Wuri Apriyana,Septi Nur Hayati,Khoirun Nisa,Vita Taufika Rosyida,Wuri Apriyana,Septi Nur Hayati,Khoirun Nisa,Cici Darsih,Vita Taufika Rosyida,Wuri Apriyana,Septi Nur Hayati,Khoirun Nisa,Cici Darsih,Annisa Kusumaningrum Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) is one of the food commodity plants that grow in Indonesia. There is an increasing demand for fibre rich food and food ingredients. This study aimed to evaluate the antioxidant activity, morphological structure, chemical and physicochemical properties of crackers (Indonesian name: Kerupuk) made from pumpkin flour and mocaf. In this study, pumpkin pulps were processed into flour and substituted at 14%, 28% and 42% (K1, K2 and K3, respectively) and combined with modified cassava (mocaf) flour in a composite flour crackers formulation. The control crackers comprised of 100% of mocaf flour (K4). The crackers were characterized using… Lihat
2019 Design of modular femoral implant based on anthropometry of Eastern Asian Muhammad Satrio Utomo,Dhyah Annur,Muhamad Ikhlasul Amal,Andika Widya Pramono,Daniel Panghihutan Malau,Sugeng Supriadi Knee arthroplasty is one of most frequent orthopedic surgery perfomed in Indonesia. Unfortunately, most of implant products for knee arthroplasty are imported and designed not specifically for Indonesian. This might negatively affects patients due to improper fitting and non-ideal stress distribution between the implant and the surrounding bone tissue. Here, we design and numerically test knee joint implants based on Indonesian anthropometry. The anthropometry of Indonesian male and female adults are obtained from literatures. In addition, we optimize the design by examining the stress distribution of current commercial knee implant products and looking for geometrical modification to obtain the most… Lihat
2019 Differential impacts of 2016 coral bleaching on coral reef benthic communities at Sekotong Bay, Lombok Barat, Indonesia Imam Bachtiar Coral bleaching has been a major causal factor of coral mortality worldwide in the last two decades and it is therefore threaten food security. Understanding post-bleaching recovery is therefore very crucial to formulate strategy in promoting natural coral reef recovery. The present study documented coral reef communities both in pre- and post-bleaching event in early 2016. The results show that coral bleaching variably reduced coral and soft-coral covers. Sponge and other fauna cover considerably fluctuated. Since the individual number of soft-coral, sponge and other fauna were small, there is likely no big impact of coral bleaching. Among 12 study sites,… Lihat
2019 Lactobacillus pentosus isolated from Muntingia calabura shows inhibition activity toward alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase in intra and extracellular level Andri Frediansyah, Suryani, Rifa Nurhayati, Miftakhussolikhah and J. Sholihah Lactobacillus pentosus is one of the most prevalence lactic acid bacterium which available in plant-based fermentation. Here, we reported that the cell extract and cell-free supernatant of L. pentosus strain TL 2.7, TL 5.8 and TL 7.8 isolated from Kersen (Muntingiacalabura L.) showed potential anti-diabetic properties by inhibition of alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase activity in vitro. All isolated also enhanced the antioxidant capacity through DPPH in vitro test. This initial study will be beneficial for screening and application of functional food with anti-diabetic properties. Lihat
2019 Seed Selection Using Molecular Approach for Ex Situ Conservation of Critically Endangered Tree Species (Vatica bantamensis (Hassk.) Benth. & Hook. ex Miq.) in Java, Indonesia Yayan Wahyu Candra Kusuma,Siti Roosita Ariati,Rosniati Apriani Risna,,,,Chika Mitsuyuki, Yoshihisa Suyama, and Yuji Isagi Ex situ conservation is an important complementary strategy for in situ to conserve endangered plant species. However, the limited areas designated for ex situ conservation such as in botanic gardens have become a great challenge for conservation practitioners and scientists attempting to optimally conserve the genetic diversity of targeted plant species. Our study aimed to assess genetic diversity and structure of wild seedlings of Vatica bantamensis, an endemic and critically endangered dipterocarp from Java (Indonesia). We also estimated genetic differentiation between the wild seedlings and existing ex situ collection and evaluated the genetic diversity preserved in the ex situ collection.… Lihat
2019 Optimization of Cellulose Isolation from Melaleuca leucadendron Twigs by Box-Behnken Design Dwi Joko Prasetyo,Roni Maryana,Tri Hadi Jatmiko,Hernawan,Satriyo Krido Wahono The production of Melaleuca leucadendron essential oil generates a lot of solid waste, since only under 2% take it out as the oil product. The solid waste contains cellulose as an important content which can be isolated by alkaline treatment of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). In this project, optimization of alkaline treatment of M. leucadendron twigs (MLT) waste was studied in order to obtain optimum isolated cellulose. The experiments were conducted at atmospheric pressure and boiling temperature. The 33 Box-Behnken design (BBD) was used to evaluate the effects of treatment time, solid loading and NaOH concentration. Quadratic model evaluation showed that… Lihat
2019 Performance of Hybrid Adhesives of Blocked-pMDI/Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde Resins for the Surface Lamination on Plywood Muhammad Adly Rahandi Lubis,Widya Fatriasari,Yana Kusdiyana,Hery Syapari,Byung-Dae Park, Sang-Min Lee To improve the water resistance of melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MUF) resins, different levels of blocked polymeric 4,4 diphenyl methane diisocyanate (B-pMDI) were blended with MUF resins to prepare B-pMDI/MUF hybrid adhesives, and their adhesion performances were evaluated for the surface lamination of fancy veneer on plywood. FT-IR spectra showed that the de-blocked –NCO groups reacted with the –OH of hydroxymethyl groups of the MUF resins to form urethane bonds at 2% B-pMDI/MUF, which was detected before and after their hydrolysis. The mass loss after the hydrolysis consistently decreased as the B-pMDI level increased, indicating an improvement in the water resistance. As the… Lihat
2019 Cryopreservation of papaya seeds cv. Sukma, Callina, and Caliso: Effect of loading treatment and immersion time in plant vitrification solution-2 Fitri Fatma Wardani,Joko Ridho Witono,Darda Efendi, Diny Dinarti Sukma, Callina, and Caliso are papaya cultivars released by the Center for Tropical Horticulture Studies, IPB University, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. In general, papaya seeds cannot be stored for a long time with a conventional GenBank storage system, even though some of them consider as “orthodox” class of seed. Cryopreservation, storage at an ultra-low temperature (-196 0C) of liquid nitrogen, could be possible for long-term storage of papaya seeds. The experiment conducted to get the necessary of loading treatment and the best immersion time in PVS2 for cryopreservation of papaya seeds cv. Sukma, Callina, and Caliso, so they still had… Lihat