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2020 dalam proses Review, judul publikasi Population structure of Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr. (Orchidaceae) in relation to habitat disturbance and vegetation characteristics Habitat disturbance can have large impacts on the persistence, survival, and growth of plant population, particularly for orchids, one of the most threatened plant families.The present study aimed to investigate the impact of habitat disturbance on the population of a terrestrial orchid, Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr, in terms of its population structure which is important in determining population viability for the species survival. The species occured in three habitat types (disturbed habitat i.e. totally converted habitat into cananga plantation, burnt habitat, and undisturbed habitat). Plots of 2 m x 2 m were established in these three habitat types and the… Lihat
2020 [Jurnal Global] Crustal shear-wave velocity structure in Western Java, Indonesia from analysis of teleseismic receiver functions Titi Anggono,Syuhada,Febty Febriani,Lina Handayani,Muhammad Ma'ruf Mukti,Titi Anggono,Andi Amran We analysed receiver functions from teleseismic events recorded at 11 broadband seismometers in the western part of Java Island, Indonesia. The stations are mostly located at three main geological environment including northwest Java Basin, Bogor Zone, and Southern Mountains Arc. A total of about 341 receiver functions were computed using iterative time domain deconvolution. We derived shear-wave velocity structure and crustal Vp/Vs ratio by inverting stacked radial receiver functions using non-linear neighbourhood algorithm. Inversion results show sediment thickness varies between 1 and 2 km thick in Western Java. Our inversion shows that crustal thickness in this region varies between 25… Lihat
2020 Walking, swimming or hitching a ride? Phylogenetics and biogeography of the walking shark genus Hemiscyllium Christine L Dudgeon, Shannon Corrigan, Lei Yang, Gerry R. Allen, Mark V. Erdmann, Fahmi, Hagi Yulia Sugeha, William T White, Gavin J.P. Naylor It can be challenging to identify the forces that drive speciation in marine environments for organisms that are capable of widespread dispersal because their contemporary distributions often belie the historical processes that were responsible for their initial diversification. In this contribution we explore the likely sequence of events responsible for the radiation of walking sharks in the genus Hemiscyllium using a dated molecular phylogeny. The nine currently recognized species in the genus consist of small, benthic sharks that are restricted to the Indo-Australian Archipelago and show limited dispersal at both juvenile and adult stages. We discuss how major tectonic changes,… Lihat
2020 Sertifikat Paten Alat Penekan Fluida Patent terkait dengan sistem tekanan (bisa gas dan bisa cairan). No. Pendaftaran P00201506294. Baru diinformasikan oleh PPII-LIPI pada 17 Januari 2020 melalui Puslit Fisika LIPI Lihat
2020 Luteinizing Hormone Receptor Gene Polymorphism of Pasundan Cattle in Ciamis DN Arifin, C Sumantri, DN Hadi. Pasundan cattle is a local livestock that has lived and well adapted in West Java. In 2015, the population declined by 20.96% caused by the high selling prices and changes in land functions. The impact of declining of the population can causes genetic degradation indirectly. One of the efforts to increase the population is selection of cattle based on luteinizing hormone receptor gene polymorphism that can used as molecular selection for reproductive traits. Thirty seven heads of Pasundan cattle with artificial insemination calving records was used in this study. The exon 11 of LHR gene was amplified and subsequently analysed… Lihat
2020 13.56 MHz Scalable Shielded Capacitive Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Suziana Ahmad, Reiji Hattori This paper proposes a scalable shielded capacitive power transfer (S-CPT) for mini electric vehicle (EV) wireless charging application. The design and analytical studies of the proposed S-CPT are introduced by using LTSpiceTM simulation software. In order to obtain an accurate calculation of the impedance matching network, the capacitances appeared in the system are observed with finite element analysis (FEA) tools using ElecNetTM software from InfolyticaTM. With a 3-cm shield-shield gap, 3.46 pF of coupling capacitance and 10.9 pF of shield coupling capacitance are acquired by FEA. A Spice simulation result shows as high as 97% efficiency provided by the proposed… Lihat
2020 MENENGAHI KEBUNTUAN PENGELOLAN DANAU MANINJAU: METODE NEGOTIATED APPROACH (NA) SEBAGAI ALTERNATIF Tantangan terbesar dari pengelolaan sumber daya bersama adalah bagaimana mengkoordinasikan pemanfaatan oleh setiap individu, terutama saat pertumbuhan penduduk men- imbulkan tekanan baru terhadap sumber daya tersebut. Selain itu, hal yang tidak kalah pentingnya adalah bagaimana tata kelola juga melibatkan kedua belah pihak, masyarakat dan pemerintah. Pada saat yang sama, definisi sumber daya bersama dan lemahnya tata kelola cenderung menyebabkan kerusakan dan penurunan kualitas sumber daya dan konflik (Islam & Suskind, 2013). Bab ini akan menelaah bagaimana pendekatan pendekatan negosiasi inklusif dapat digunakan sebagai alternatif pengelolaan Danau Maninjau. Lihat
2020 Toward Improvement of Cloud Computing Scheduling Algorithms to Monetary Cost and Makespan Time Efficiency Fang-Yie Leu Cloud computing is distributed computing that offers dynamic, scalability and pay-per-use. The main purpose of cloud computing are the ease of access from any location and the management of practical computing resources. One of the challenges faced by cloud technology today is scheduling. The role of scheduling algorithms is very important, since it executed the task by ordered that may need a more attentions. Here, scheduling algorithms intended to minimize monetary cost and minimize makespan time to execute the workflow. The Most popular of scheduling algorithms deal with currently designed for traditional environments and not applicable for cloud environments. This… Lihat
2020 Screening and Evaluation of Various Carbon Sources on the Ability of Trichoderma harzianum InaCC to Solubilize Insoluble Phosphate Toga Pangihotan Napitupulu,I Made Sudiana,Atit Kanti,Muhammad Ilyas Our previous works revealed that Trichoderma harzianum InaCC (Indonesian Culture Collection) produced volatile organic compounds that inhibited the growth of Fusarium oxysporum. The objective of this study was to evaluate the ability of T. harzianum InaCC to solubilize insoluble phosphate and optimize the carbon sources condition. Screening was conducted to 10 isolates of T. harzianum on Pikovskaya’s broth in 100-mL conical flasks. The cultures were incubated at 30 ± 1°C for 7 days on a rotary shaker at 80 r/min. All T. harzianum isolates were observed for the solubility of insoluble tricalcium phosphate with the highest ability was performed by… Lihat
2020 Resistively detected NMR in a triple-gate quantum point contact: Magnetic field dependence Annisa Noorhidayati, Mohammad Hamzah Fauzi, Muhammad Fauzi Sahdan, Shunta Maeda, Ken Sato, Katsumi Nagase, and Yoshiro Hirayama We report a resistively detected nuclear magnetic resonance (RDNMR) measurement in a GaAs-based quantum point contact in the quantum Hall breakdown regime. We focus on the detection of the 75As RDNMR signal at different perpendicular magnetic fields in the presence of electrons occupying the lowest Landau level. We confirm successful RDNMR detection down to B = 1.25 T B = 3.5 T) using a high-mobility (low-mobility) device. All the RDNMR signals exhibit a threefold spectra attributed to electric quadrupole interaction. We find that the separation between the central transition and its satellite, $¥Delta f ¥approx 20$ kHz , remains unaffected… Lihat