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1998 Misi Dakwah dan Transformasi Sosial: Studi Kasus di Bayan, Lombok Barat Erni Budiwanti This writing is based on a fieldwork research conducted in 1993 in the village of Bayan, bayan sub-district of West Lombok regency. In general it discusses on the proliferation of Islamic teaching in Lombok. It is unique that the process of Islamisation in Lombok has created two segments of the Sasak society into the Wetu Telu and the Waktu Lima. The Wetu Telu are the Sasak who, although acknowledging themselves to be Muslims, still believe strongly in the ancestral animistic deities as well as anthropomorphised inanimate objects. In other words they are pantheists. The Waktu Lima, on the… Lihat
1998 A user identification system using signature written with mouse [in japanese] Agus Fanar Syukri A user identification system is very important for protecting information from illegal access. There are identification systems using standard devices (keyboard or mouse) and systems using special devices. A user identification system using mouse is proposed, where in the system users write a simple figure object and the successful verification rate is 87 persen. However the simple object is too easy to prevent impersonation. In order to realize a more reliable user identification system using mouse, we propose a new system to identify users using a complex figure object, signature. New techniques we utilize in our system are as follows:… Lihat
1998 Proses Kendali & Aplikasinya di Jepang. Estiko Rijanto Proses Kendali & Aplikasinya di Jepang. Majalah Ilmiah Sistem Kendali, Indonesian Control Systems Society, 1998. Masyarakat Sistem Kendali Indonesia (MASDALI), Vol.2, No.1,ISSN:1410-0320. Lihat
1998 Prosiding Seminar Sehari Pemberdayaan Kawasan Berbasis Masyarakat di Kabupaten Sumedang Penyunting: Anung Kusnowo, Akmadi Abbas, Agusto WM, Eko Baroto Walujo, Hari Susanto Prosiding memuat makalah-makalah utama yang disajikan pada Seminar Sehari dan makalah penunjang dari kegiatan Pemberdayaan Kawasan Berbasis Masyarakat di Kabupaten Sumedang. Seminar ini merupakan hasil kerja sama LembagaIlmu Pengetahuan Indonesia dengan Pemerintah Daerah TingkatII Sumedang dalam upaya mengkomunikasikan hasil-hasil litbang, mencari model pengembanganpemberdayaan yang berbasis masyarakat dan sebagai masukan untuk pengambilan keputusan. Seminar sehari ini menyajikan makalah-makalah yang berupa konsep,kebijakan dan peran Iptek di daerah serta kasus yang diangkat dari pengalaman institusi atau individu dalam pemberdayaan masyarakat. Dalam seminar ini terlibat instansi baik instansi pemerintah/pemda, swasta,Perguruan Tinggi, Litbang dan Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat.Peran Pemda Tk II Sumedang dalam hal ini Bappeda… Lihat
1998 Pembuatan Bahan sistem SiO2-Al2O3-MgO menggunakan Proses Sol-gel" Nanik Indayaningsih, Muljadi Pembuatan Bahan sistem SiO2-Al2O3-MgO menggunakan Proses Sol-gel" Lihat
1998 Evaluasi Kandungan Antloksidant dan Senyawa Fenolik dalam rempah rempah Endemik Indonesia L. Broto S. Kardono, - Lihat
1998 Regulasi temperatur tubuh kura-kura duri (Heosemys spinosa) tahap dewasa di penangkaran (Testudinata: Emydidae) Hellen Kurniati The surface body and cloacal temperature (body temperature) of adult spiny turtle, Heosemys spinosa were measured in captivity. Multivariate analyses indicated that heating and cooling rates were not influenced by sex, weight and shell size. The surface body and body temperatures appear to have strong correlation to the air temperature up to 30 Celcius degree (C). The lower correlation between the parameters was consistently better at thermoregulation. This study provides additional support to the view that adult spiny turtle have had mean temperatures which are largely non responsive to the short range of environmental temperatures between 28 C - 30… Lihat
1998 Zona Industri Lhokseumawe (ZILS): Studi Tentang Kesenjangan Sosial Budaya di Aceh Utara Abdul Rachman Patji This article examines the problems of inequality in the process of social and cultural changes as the consequence of big industries development in Aceh Utara, especially at the region called ZILS (Industrial Zone of Lhokseumawe). The development itself is recognized to be a successful effort ti lift up economy condition of the region. However, it also becomes a drive force for the birth of inequality phenomena among groups of society (i.e. industry, in-migrant and local people) in this region. Some important asects of the inequality are caused by the imabalance patterns in fulfilment necessity of thee groups, the… Lihat
1998 Branching ratio and CP violation in semi-inclusive flavor-changing top decays L.T. Handoko Semi-inclusive top decays, t rightarrow q_i v, are examined in the framework of the standard model, with q_i = u ; {rm or} ; c, v : vector meson formed by q_j qb_j (q_j = d, s, b). By using a simple model of hadronization, that is < 0 l~~ qb_j gamma^mu q_j r~~ v > = mv fv evj^mu, the total branching ratio is expected to be br(tivj) < ( {l~~ vij^ast vtj r~~}/{l~~ vtb r~~})^2 times O({10}^{-3}) depends on the size of the coupling constant fv. On the other hand, the CP asymmetry should be induced only by… Lihat
1998 Synthesis Based Robust Controller for Composition Control of Binary Distillation Columns Estiko Rijanto Distillation plays significant role for separation and purification in process industry. This paper is concerned with a design method of robust control system of high purity binary distillation columns using Miu synthesis. The Miu synthesis involves an iteration of determining optimal scaling matrix D and optimal H infinity controller. The LV-configuration which uses reflux (L) and boilup (V) as manipulated inputs is considered. The distillation column has plant uncertainty such as: uncertainty due to parameters of the linearized model which are only known approximately, actuators characteristics uncertainty, and parameters variation due to nonlinearity and changing in the operating conditions. To… Lihat