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2018 PERLAKUAN POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL SECARA IN VITRO TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN TUNAS MUTAN TAKA UNTUK SELEKSI TOLERAN KEKERINGAN Betalini Widhi Hapsari M.Si., Andri Fadillah M M.Si, Rudiyanto S.P.,Dr. Tri Muji Ermayanti Tacca leontopetaloides (L.) Kuntze merupakan salah satu tanaman umbi-umbian yangberpotensi untuk pangan alternatif. Induksi mutasi antara lain dengan radiasi sinar Gamma merupakan salah satu upaya untuk perbaikan genetik tanaman. Pada taka telah diperoleh kandidat mutan yang perlu diseleksi untuk mendapatkan genotipe toleran kekeringan. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pengaruh pemberian PEG secara in vitro terhadap pertumbuhan mutan tunas taka hasil radiasi sinar Gamma untuk seleksi toleran kekeringan. Penelitian menggunakan 3 klon mutan taka hasil radiasi dosis 20, 30, dan 40 Gy dan tunas tanpa radiasi (kontrol). Semua tunas ditanam pada media MS dengan penambahan 0; 2.5; 5; 7.5;… Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.5. Comparison of fecal preservation and extraction methods for steroid hormone metabolite analysis in wild crested macaques Gholib Gholib, Michael Heistermann, Muhammad Agil, Iman Supriatna, Bambang Purwantara, Taufiq Purna Nugraha, Antje Engelhardt Since the non-invasive field endocrinology techniques were developed, several fecal preservation and extraction methods have been established for a variety of species. However, direct adaptation of methods from previous studies for use in crested macaques should be taken with caution. We conducted an experiment to assess the accuracy and stability of fecal estrogen metabolite (E1C) and glucocorticoid metabolite (GCM) concentrations in response to several preservation parameters: (1) time lag between sample collection and fecal preservation; (2) long-term storage of fecal samples in 80 persen methanol (MeOH) at ambient temperature; (3) different degrees of feces drying temperature using a conventional oven;… Lihat
2018 Additions to the Indonesian crab fauna of the genus Mariaplax Rahayu & Ng, 2014, and notes on Hexapus timika Rahayu & Ng, 2014 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Hexapodidae) Dwi Listyo Rahayu, Ernawati Widyastuti Hexapus timika Rahayu & Ng, 2014 is redescribed based on newly collected male and female specimens from Papua, Indonesia. Three new species from Jakarta Bay and Sunda Strait, Indonesia, are added to the genus Mariaplax, the richest genus in the family Hexapodidae, hitherto having 14 species. Mariaplax pitrai n.sp. has the carapace covered by small, closely-spaced tubercles and long ambulatory legs, resembling M. chenae Rahayu & Ng, 2014 but easily separated by the position of female vulvae. Mariaplax hispida n.sp. is unique for the presence of short stiff setae on the outer face of the chelipeds and pereopods 2-4. Mariaplax… Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.5. The Fish Diversity of Mangrove Waters in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Gema Wahyudewantoro Abstract. Wahyudewantoro G. 2018. The fish diversity of mangrove waters in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.Biodiversitas 19: 71-76. Lombok Islands waters are the main gateway of the mass water flow from the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Therefore, it is suspected the fish species that inhabit them is very diverse. The aim of the research was to reveal the diversity of mangrove fish species, with a case study in West Lombok and Central Lombok. Fishes were caught using cast net with mesh sizes of 1.5 cm and 2.5 cm, gill net with mesh sizes of ľ inch, 1.5 inch and… Lihat
2018 Nickel extraction from nickel matte Rudi Subagja In present work, the results of research activities to make nickel metal from nickel matte are presented. The research activities were covering a) nickel matte characterization using Inductively Couple plasma (ICP), Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (EPMA) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), b) nickel matte dissolution process to dissolve nickel from nickel matte into the spent electrolyte solutions that contains hydrochloric acid, c) purification of nickel chloride leach solution by copper cementation process to remove copper using nickel matte, selective precipitation process to remove iron, solvent extraction using Tri normal octyl amine to separate cobalt from nickel chloride solutions and d) Nickel… Lihat
2018 [Buku] Pretreatment of Sweet Sorghum Bagasse Using EFB-Based Black Liquor for Ethanol Production Muryanto M.T.,Dr. Ajeng Arum Sari ,Muryanto and Ajeng Arum Sari Abstrac t Lignoc ellulose- based bioetha nol provides one pote ntial alter nativeenergy . Pretrea tment is on e of the steps in the bioc onversio n of lig nocellulos emateria l. Pretrea tment als o cont ributes the largest cost in the bioe thanol produc tionand produc es blac k liquor as a waste water which provid es envi ronmental impacts.In order to im prove the cost-ef fectivenes s of bioetha nol producti on, the black liquorfrom empty fruit bunch (EFB) pretreatmen t was collec ted and used for pretre atmentof sweet sorghum bagas se (SSB). The pretre atment… Lihat
2018 Body Weight Estimation of Bali Cattle in Banyumulek Techno Park, West Nusa Tenggara using Several Morphometric Parameters Paskah Partogi Agung, Widya Pintaka Bayu Putra, Saiful Anwar, and Ari Sulistyo Wulandari This study was conducted to find the best linear regression equation to estimate the body weight (BW) of female Bali cattle in Banyumulek Techno Park, West Nusa Tenggara based on three morphometric parameters, i.e. withers height (WH), body length (BL), and heart girth (HG). Data collection was conducted by random sampling of female Bali cattle (1-5 years of age) in Banyumulek Techno Park. A total of 63 female Bali cattle were used in this study. The parameter of WH (distance from the ground level to the highest point of withers) and BL (distance from the shoulder joint (later tuberosity of… Lihat
2018 Biodiversitas fitoplankton dan kualitas air di Danau Aneuk Laot Sabang, Nangroe Aceh Darussakam. Haiatus Shohihah S.Si.,Dr. Tri Widiyanto M.Si.,Ir. Fachmijany Sulawesty Biodiversitas fitoplankton dan kualitas air di Danau Aneuk Laot Sabang, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. Lihat
2018 A possible use of raw and treated kalimantan sub-bituminous coal as colour adsorbent in aqueous solutions Galuh Yuliani, Amallia Yuliana, Agus Setiabudi, Anggoro Tri Mursito Being abundant, sub-bituminous coal may be regarded as one of the most suitable alternative adsorbents to remove colour from a solution. Owing to its carboxylic acid functional groups, the coal surface may facilitate the removal of cationic species in the solution via a cation exchange mechanism. To enhance its adsorptive capacity, a surface modification is carried out using hydrogen peroxide solutions so as to increase the oxygen containing groups. The adsorption tests are conducted using methylene blue solutions in batch experiments. The results show that adsorption capacities of the raw and modified brown coals are increased from 188.7 mg/g to… Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.5.Cirolana bambang, a distinctive new species of Cirolana Leach, 1818 (Crustacea: Isopoda: Cirolanidae) from Bitung, Indonesia Conni M Sidabalok & Neil L Bruce Cirolana bambang sp. nov. from Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia is described. The species can be recognised by generally smooth body with small, acute, submedian nodules on pleonites 45 and the anterior dorsal surface of the pleotelson together with a flat, pentagonal frontal lamina, linguiform and sexually dimorphic pleotelson with the dorsal surface covered by short setae in males, deeply bifid uropod apices, and a conspicuously large robust seta on the superodistal angle of pereopod 1 ischium. Cirolana bambang sp. nov. appears to belong to a group of Indo-West Pacific Cirolana with prominent penial process, a large robust seta on the… Lihat