Menyusun policy brief tentang kebijakan riset di Indonesia

Menyusun policy brief tentang kebijakan riset di Indonesia Selengkapnya

Cholesterol Assimilation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae B-18 isolated from gastrointestinal tract of Javanese duck

This study had a purpose of obtaining potential indigenous yeasts for assimilating cholesterol and assessed the in vitro activity of Bile Salt Hydrolase (BSH) using Chloramphenicol Yeast Glucose (CYG) media supplemented CaCl2 and Taurodeoxycholic Acid (TDCA). Yeasts were collected from the gastrointestinal tract of Indonesian native chicken (Gallus javanicus), Javanese duck (Anas javanicus), and Muscovy duck (Anas moschata). The BSH assay was performed to determine secretion of BSH from yeast strain to conjugate bile salts into cholic acid-free by measuring precipitation zone in a specific medium. The quantitative measurement to assimilate cholesterol in yeast using CYG broth contained soluble cholesterol… Selengkapnya


Currently, three single junction–type Thermal Voltage Converter (TVC) standard units represent the highest standard of AC (Alternating Current) voltages owned by the Electrical Metrology Laboratory, Research Centre for Metrology—Indonesian Institute of Sciences. The accuracy of the single junction–type TVC is maintained regularly via intercomparison processes using a one-step build-up and build-down method. To reduce the calibration process quantity, three steps of build-up and build-down measurements that refer to the 4 V measurement point of a HOLT production single junction–type TVC were carried out. The dissemination processes with the best measurement accuracy up to 20 ppm were successfully obtained from measurement… Selengkapnya

TITLE CITED BY YEAR Antiviral effect of Archidendron pauciflorum leaves extract to hepatitis C virus: An in vitro study in JFH-1 strain

Background: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a leading cause of chronic liver diseases. Drug resistance to the regimen is also increasing. Hence, there is a need for new anti-HCV agents that are less toxic and more efficacious. The aim of this study is to evaluate the possibility of A. pauciflorum extracts can be a antiviral drug. Methods: Huh-7it cells were infected with the HCV genotype 2a strain JFH-I in the presence of methanol extracts of Archidenron pauciflorum. The methanol extract further partition used n-hexane, ethyl acetate, n-butanol, and water showed in which butanol extracts exerted the strongest IC50 (6.3 g/ml).… Selengkapnya

Perbandingan sifat optik Karbon Dots (C-Dots) dari daun mangga kering dan segar

Karbon dots (C-dots) merupakan nanopartikel karbon dengan sifat berpendar dan dapat disintesis dari berbagai sumber karbon.Tantangan sintesis C-Dots adalah memanfaatkan sumber daya alam sebagai bahan bakunya. Dalam penelitian ini, sintesis C-Dots dari daun mangga kering dan daun mangga segar telah berhasil dilakukan. C-Dots yang dihasilkan dari kedua bahan ini berbentuk koloid. Sintesis CDots dengan metode buttom up dengan cara radiasi microwave selama 30 menit. Sifat fisis warna C-Dots daun mangga kering menunjukkan warna cokelat gelap, sedangkan sifat fisis warna C-Dots daun mangga segar menunjukkan warna kuning terang. CDots daun mangga kering memiliki spektrum absorbansi cahaya pada panjang gelombang 290- 433… Selengkapnya

10 GHz Standing-Wave Coplanar Stripline on LiNbO3 Crystal for Radio to Optical-Wave Conversion

Recently, X-band radar systems are used widely for surveillance and navigation applications. Especially in archipelago or maritime country, the surveillance/navigation radar systems are required to monitoring critical areas and managing marine traffic. Accurate detection and fast analysis should be improved furthermore to provide security and safety condition. Therefore, several radar systems should be installed in many places to coverage the critical areas within radar networks. The radar network can be connected using optical fibers since it has extremely low propagation loss with optical-wave to carry-out the radar-wave. One important component in the scenario is a radio to optical-wave conversion component.… Selengkapnya

Real-time deep satellite image quality assessment

A method for deep satellite image quality assessment based on no-reference satellite images is proposed. We design suitable deep convolutional neural networks, which are named satellite image quality assessment of deep convolutional neural networks (SIQA-DCNN) and SIQA-DCNN++. These sophisticated methods can remove various distorted satellite images in real-time remote sensing. The novelty of this method lies in the objective assessment and restoration of the deep model which understands to various distorted satellite images in high- and low-resolution problems. The activation function has a lower computational time and ensures the deactivation of noise by making the mean activators close to zero.… Selengkapnya

Deblocking Artifact of Satellite Image Based on Adaptive Soft-threshold Anisotropic Filter using Wavelet

New deblocking artifact, or blocking artifact reduction, algorithms based on nonlinear adaptive soft-threshold anisotropic filter in wavelet are proposed. Our deblocking algorithm uses soft-threshold, adaptive wavelet direction, adaptive anisotropic filter, and estimation. The novelties of this paper are an adaptive soft-threshold for deblocking artifact and an optimal intersection of confidence intervals (OICI) method in deblocking artifact estimation. The soft-threshold values are adaptable to different thresholds of flat area, texture area, and blocking artifact. The OICI is a reconstruction technique of estimated deblocking artifact which improves acceptable quality level of estimated deblocking artifact and reduces execution time of deblocking artifact estimation… Selengkapnya

MO.SS1.5 Taxonomic Approach for Species Diversity of Yeasts and Yeasts-like Fungi through D1/D2 Region of Large Subunit Ribosomal DNA Sequences

The identification of yeasts or yeasts-like fungi and verify their diversity are principal aspect for bioindustry and ecosystem sustainability. Taxonomic approach provides identification tool to ensure the taxonomic position of yeasts and yeasts-like fungi which definitely set to utilization concerns. The aim of this study is to understanding the taxonomic position of yeasts and yeasts-like fungi from the distinctive of its sequences relationship. Yeasts and yeasts-like fungi strains were isolated through various culture dependent methods from natural resources samples of Karimun Besar Island, Province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. The identification process was performed through amplifying the accurate DNA-based in D1/D2… Selengkapnya

Analysis of the hydrolysates from cured and uncured urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins with two F/U mole ratios

Uncured and cured urea-formaldehyde (UFcured) resins prepared with formaldehyde/urea (F/U) mole ratios of 1.0 and 1.2 and at the catalyst levels of 1, 2 and 3% NH4Cl were hydrolyzed for 5, 15 and 30 min and the degradation products were evaluated using gel permeation chromatography, Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) and liquid carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance (13C-NMR) spectroscopies. The molar masses of the degradation products, their functional groups and structures were determined. An extended hydrolysis time and higher catalyst levels resulted in compounds with higher molar masses. Similar functional groups and distribution of chemical species were found by both FTIR and 13C-NMR… Selengkapnya