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2016 Ecological Asessment In Semarang Coastal Area Based On Sediment Bioassay Approach Using Green Mussel Larvae Rachma Puspitasari S.Si. M.Sc., Triyoni Purbonegoro S.Si., M.Si. Rapid development of industry and population growth have lead to ecological pressures on coastal areas. Semarang as the capital of Central Java and as a port city has an environment sensitivity which is important to be investigated. Sediment is an important part in aquatic environment because acts as sink or source of pollutant and could be used to assess coastal environment health. Three locations that had been studied were Tanjung Mas Port, estuaries of West Canal Flood and estuaries of East Canal Flood. These locations were compared to assess health of sediment through elutriate - sediment toxicity test. Eggs and… Lihat
2017 Quantitative observation of the foraging tunnels in Sitka spruce and Japanese cypress caused by the drywood termite Incisitermes minor (Hagen) by 2D and 3D X-ray computer tomography (CT) Khoirul Himmi Setiawan S.Si., M.Agr.,BaekYong Choi, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura The cryptic lifestyle of drywood termites makes it difficult to study their foraging behaviour and to detect infestations in hidden regions. In the present research, computer tomography (CT) scanning images were collected over a 1-year observation period of drywood termite Incisitermes minor (Hagen) in order to understand its foraging behaviour and, perhaps, to be able to detect the infestation as early as possible. Sitka spruce and Japanese cypress woods were the test objects. As CT scanning results show, foragers caused distinguished tunnelling patterns based on the physical properties of wood during gallery construction. The foragers primarily excavate along the earlywood… Lihat
2018 Computational Studies and Molecular Dynamic Simulation to Design Lead Compounds for Hepatitis B Virus Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hanafi ,Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hanafi ,Firdayani Objective/Background: A novel approach to develop anti-Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) by computational studies is proposed. Methodology: It used active compounds as the standard ligand. There are six parameters such as docking score, molecular weight, log P, Polarizability, Polar Surface (2D) and Molecular Surface (3D) that analyzed by software. Result and Discussion: The result of virtual screening can be used as a reference to calculate IC50 prediction of quinine and Gallic acid derivative compounds. Optimization of compounds structure geometry was using software Marvin Sketch 6.0.1. Meanwhile, virtual docking process to HBV capsid Y132A mutant (PDB ID: 5E0I) was using Autodock4, Auto… Lihat
2018 Activity of Fractions from Garcinia latissima Miq. Leaves Ethyl Acetate Extract as Antibacterial Against Bacillus subtilis and Antioxidant Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hanafi ,Neneng Siti Silfi Ambarwati1 Objective: The purpose of this study was to know the antioxidant and antibacterial activity of the fractions from G. latissima Miq. Leaves ethyl acetate extract. Methods: Fractionation was performed by column chromatography. The antibacterial activity of the fractions from Garcinia latissima Miq. Leaves extract was assayed by inhibition zone techniques and micro dilution method to determine minimum inhibitory concentration. Their antioxidant activity was evaluated using DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1picrylhydrazyl) and FRAP (Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power) methods. Results: The leaves ethyl acetate extract had the highest antioxidant result compared to leaves methanol extract and leaves hexane extract. The half maximum inhibitory concentration (IC50)… Lihat
2018 The RSM-CI Emerging Technology for Enabling Biochemical Process: Ethanol Production from Palm Plantation Biomass Waste in Indonesia Teuku Beuna Bardant M.Sc,Dr. Heru Susanto S.Kom, M.Sc,Ina Winarni The emergence of innovative Chemistry Informatics (ChemInformatics) is threatening the sustainability of Bioethanol Production from palm oil Empty Fruit Bunch in Indonesia. With the friendliness and convenience offered by ChemInformatics, many bioethanol production processes nowadays prefer to determining optimum condition and forecasting the results computationally through RSM (Response Surface Methodology). RSM is one of cheminformatics that explores the relationships between several explanatory variables and one or more response variables. Indonesia had established bioethanol production pilot plant by using fully automatic-computerized-systemsupported by sufficient ICT emerging technology and database. Bioethanol production from cellulose based material is one of popular bioprocess engineering research… Lihat
2017 Fruit Description and Evaluation of Five Treatments to Break Seed Dormancy of Brownlowia peltata Benth. ARIEF NOOR RACHMADIYANTO M.P., PENIWIDIYANTI S.Hut., PRIMA WAHYU KUSUMA HUTABARAT S.P. Brownlowia peltata Benth. is a native tree from Borneo, in its germination problem was physical dormancy due to the hard pericarp of the fruit. The study aimed to evaluate five treatments for breaking the seed physical dormancy and the fruit description. The experiment was using Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with four different temperatures of water immersion, a scarification, and control. The fruit of B. peltata was a woody follicle; belong to yellow green group 148 A in color; 29.64 mm in long; 21.62 mm in thickness; 29.86 mm in wide, with an average weight of 12.05 g. Hot water… Lihat
2016 Balanophora spp. di Resort Cikaniki, Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Salak SRI ULIE RAKHMAWATI M.Si., PENIWIDIYANTI S.Hut., Fitri Fatma Wardani SP., PRIMA WAHYU KUSUMA HUTABARAT S.P. Balanophora spp. are holoparasit plants that can be found in the mountain at 900-3000 sea level. The distribution in Indonesian are not yet known. The aims of this study are to observe and collect Balanophora spp. from Gunung Halimun Salak National Park. This study was conducted using line transek with two lane. It measured environmental parameter and plant association at each point of meeting. Balanophora spp. that was found were collected and identified. The result showed that in Gunung Halimun Salak National Park was found two species of Balanophora, they are Balanophora fungosa ssp. indica var. globosa and Balanophora elongata… Lihat
2017 Struktur dan Asosiasi Komunitas Tumbuhan Bawah di Resort Cikaniki, Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Salak IRVAN FADLI WANDA , PENIWIDIYANTI S.Hut., PENIWIDIYANTI S.Hut., Rizmoon Nurul Zulkarnaen S.Hut., PENIWIDIYANTI S.Hut., Rizmoon Nurul Zulkarnaen S.Hut., Reza Ramdan Rivai S.P., PENIWIDIYANTI S.Hut., Rizmoon Nurul Zulkarnaen S.Hut., Reza Ramdan Rivai S.P., Hendra Helmanto S.Hut., IRVAN FADLI WANDA A study on structure and association of ground cover plants commnunity was conducted in Cikiniki Resort, Gunung Halimun Salak National Park, West Java. The aimed of this study was to determine the structure and degree of association of ground cover plant that dominates with others ground over plants. Plot observation using purposive sampling method. The sampling location was divided into two observation sites near the water source and away from the water source. We developed 20 plots with measure on 2 x 2 m 2. The data obtained are frequency, density, dominance, Importance Value Index (INP ), Distribution Index and… Lihat
2017 VARIASI BUAH DURIAN PULAU LAUT, KALIMANTAN SELATAN DAN PERMASALAHAN KONSERVASINYA Dr. Ir. Sudarmono M.Sc., Dodo S.P., Kalimantan kaya akan keanekaragaman jenis durian, antara lain : Durio zibethinus L., D. dulcis Becc., D. kutejensis (Hassk.) Becc., dan D. oxleyanus Griff. Di Pulau Laut, Kalimantan Selatan, masyarakat masih mengandalkan perbanyakan durian menggunakan biji. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah menginventarisir jenis-jenis durian, menentukan keunggulan setiap jenis terhadap karakter penampilan buah (warna kulit, warna daging buah, ketebalan daging, tekstur daging, rasa daging, bobot buah, dan lainnya), dan upaya konservasinya di Kebun Raya Bogor dan Kebun Raya Banua, Kalsel. Berdasarkan hasil pengamatan, durian Merdaun (D. oxleyanus) merupakan salah satu jenis durian paling unggul di Pulau Laut. Keunggulannya antara lain daging buah… Lihat
2016 LYCOPODIACEAE DI KAWASAN SICIKE-CIKE, SUMATRA UTARA Dra. Sri Hartini Penelitian jenis-jenis Lycopodiaceae telah dilakukan di kawasan hutan Sicike-cike, Sumatra Utara. Penelitian dilakukan pada bulan April 2011 dengan metode eksploratif. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian ada 6 jenis Lycopodiaceae ditemukan di kawasan ini yaitu Lycopodiella cernua, Huperzia phlegmaria, Huperzia carinata, Huperzia prolifera, Huperzia dalhousieana dan Huperzia squarrosa. Lycopodiella cernua adalah satu-satunya jenis yang tumbuh terestrial dengan batang yang menjalar panjang, sedang 5 jenis lainnya tumbuh secara epifit dengan batang yang menjuntai. Huperzia carinata dan Huperzia prolifera memiliki perawakan yang mirip, sedang Huperzia dalhousieana mirip dengan Huperzia squarrosa. Huperzia phlegmaria adalah satu-satunya jenis yang memiliki area antara bagian steril dan bagian fertilnya jelas… Lihat