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2022 Adaptation strategy to coastal erosion by rural communities: Lessons learned from Ujunggebang village, Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia Wahyu Budi Setyawan Coastal hazard due to wave activity, in the form of coastal erosion, has long been a problem in the coastal area of Ujunggebang. Loss of coastal land in the coastal area has removed a lot of rice fields, settlements, and public facilities. Efforts to maintain the coastline along 3,300 m of the coastal area, by building coastal defense structures (CDS), have been carried out by the central government since 2006 but, until 2015, the CDS that has been built is still only around 1782 m long, in some places the structure is damaged due to wave activity, and in general… Lihat
2022 Analysis of GHG emissions of tofu industry, study case in Indonesia Tofu is one of the protein sources with high demand in Indonesia. Currently, several tofu industries have used stainless steel-based equipment. This condition shows the seriousness of the tofu industry to make hygienic tofu products. However, hygienic tofu products are not enough. The competition of global market required the products to take notice not only for its quality, but also come into environmentally-friendly product that characterized by low value of CO2 emission. In accordance to the condition, studies related to the calculation of CO2 emissions resulted from a product are necessary. In this study, we conducted research on the estimation… Lihat
2022 Impact of Local REDD+ Intervention on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia Martiwi Diah Setiawati,Kiswanto, Satoshi Tsuyuki The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) of the Republic of Indonesia selected East Kalimantan as a pilot area for trialing a national REDD+ program under Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF). If it works, this pilot area will receive the payment of forest carbon services. Thus, East Kalimantan provincial government established the Green East Kalimantan strategy in 2010 to improve the natural resources and Green Growth Compact in 2016 to reduce carbon emission and increase economic growth by 8%. This paper estimated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions before and after the REDD+ commitment implemented in the study area. The annual land… Lihat
2022 THE EFFECTIVITY OF CYSTEAMINE SUPPLEMENTATION ON IMPROVING THE IN VITRO FERTILIZATION RATE OF SHEEP OOCYTES Dona Astari Nurkarimah, Ekayanti Mulyawati Kaiin, Ni Wayan Kurniani Karja, and Mohamad Agus Setiadi The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of cysteamine supplementation on the maturation medium and/or in vitro fertilization medium with regards to improving the normal fertilization rate of sheep oocytes, which are characterized by the formation of two pronuclei. Grade A and B oocytes were matured in medium-199 with 0.3% bovine serum albumin (BSA), 10 IU/mL follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), 10 IU/mL human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), and 50 μg/mL gentamicin added for 24 hours in a 5% CO2 incubator at 39° C. The treatment group was divided into the following groups: a control group with no cysteamine… Lihat
2022 Two-Dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Analysis of Hydrogen-Bond Formation in Thermosetting Crystalline Urea–Formaldehyde Resins at a Low Molar Ratio Nanang Masruchin,Eko Setio Wibowo,Byung-Dae Park The unique phenomenon of crystalline domain formation in thermosetting crystalline urea–formaldehyde (UF) resins at low formaldehyde-to-urea (F/U) molar ratios is responsible for their poor adhesion as wood adhesives. The crystalline domains are apparently formed by hydrogen bonds between linear molecules in UF resins at low molar ratios. Clear evidence for the formation of linear molecules and subsequent hydrogen bonds in the UF resins using two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (2D NMR) spectroscopy is reported for the first time through our study. One-dimensional and 2D NMR spectroscopies were used to compare the short-range and long-range correlations between hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen atoms… Lihat
2022 Analysis of groundwater potential zones using Dar-Zarrouk parameters in Pangkalpinang city, Indonesia Gumilar Utamas Nugraha,Rachmat Fajar Lubis,Hendra Bakti,Andi Agus Nur (UNPAD), Pulung Arya Pranantya (PUPR) Pangkalpinang city is the capital of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia. With the increase in population and the economy in the Pangkalpinang city, water resources' need also increases. This study aimed to analyze potential groundwater areas to ensure the availability of water for this city using Dar-Zarrouk Parameters. Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) measurements have been conducted at eight points around the city of Pangkalpinang using the Schlumberger array configuration. Dar-Zarrouk parameter was calculated using two parameters of the geoelectric inversion results, i.e., resistivity and layer thickness. The IPI2Win inversion results show that the resistivity value ranges from 96 to… Lihat
2022 Growth performance and prediction of carcass production of captive javan porcupine (Hystrix javanica) Porcupines are unique mammals, their upper body is covered with hard hair resembling sharp cylindrical spines and belongs to the order Rodentia. It has long been used as a source of animal protein. Javan porcupine (Hystrix javanica) is an endemic animal on Java and its population is estimated to continue, due to habitat destruction, poaching, and its use without a conservation. Observations on the growth of young javan porcupines were carried out for 12 months in Small Mammal Captivity, Research Center Biology - Indonesian Institute of Sciences. This study aims to determine the growth performance of young porcupines in captivity… Lihat
2022 Morphological and Anatomical Variations among Alocasia alba Schott Accessions in Bali Botanic Garden Eka Fatmawati Tihurua,Ni Putu Sri Asih,Ema Hendriyani,Ni Putu Sri Asih,Ema Hendriyani Alocasia alba Schott is a member of Macrorrhizos group from Aroid family that has conserved in Bali Botanic Garden. On its development, the collections showed varied morphological diversity on leaves and flowers. The aim of this study is to fill the knowledge gap in morphology and anatomy of the species A. alba and to know the phenotypic variation in this species. A total of eight A. alba accessions from Java, Bali and West Nusa Tenggara were observed in morphological and anatomical characters. The result showed that the eight accessions of A. alba have some variations in morphological and anatomical characters.… Lihat
2022 Abalon: Teknologi Pembesaran Abalon merupakan salah satu jenis siput laut kelompok gastropoda atau moluska bercangkang tunggal, filum Mollusca, famili Haliotidae dan genus Haliotis. Abalon memiliki nilai ekonomi penting sebagai komoditas ekspor. Daging abalon yang terkenal kelezatannya mengandung nutrisi yang baik untuk kesehatan. Daging abalon terasa manis bercampur asin, mengandung protein yang tinggi, memiliki zat yang bisa meningkatkan libido atau gairah seksual, menjaga stamina, meningkatkan ketajaman penglihatan, menetralkan sistem pencernaan, mencegah dan menyembuhkan diabetes, menghaluskan kulit, meremajakan sel-sel tubuh dan anti kanker. Di dunia diketahui lebih dari 150 jenis abalon, namun hanya sekitar 10% dari semua jenis abalon di dunia yang bernilai ekonomis penting… Lihat
2022 PROSES PEMBUATAN GENTENG KOMPOSIT BERBAHAN PARTIKEL BAGAS SORGUMDENGAN PEREKAT MOLASE AlifahSyahfitri, S.Hut ; Dr. Ir. Dede Hermawan, M.Sc. Invensi ini bertujuan untuk menyediakan material komposit ringan dan kuat untuk digunakan sebagai material atap/genteng dan proses pembuatannya. Produk menurut invensi ini dicirikan dengan material penyusun berupa komposit berbahan baku partikel bagas sorgum dan perekat molase. Proses pembuatan komposit untuk genteng ringan komposit berbahan baku partikel bagas sorgum terdiri dari: persiapan bahan partikel bagas sorgum, pencampuran partikel dengan perekat molase,pengeringan material campuran, pencetakan, dan pengkondisian. Invensi ini memiliki kelebihan yaitu produk yang dihasilkan ringan, kuat, dan applicable diberbagai model atap tempat tinggal. Lihat