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2020 Walking, swimming or hitching a ride? Phylogenetics and biogeography of the walking shark genus Hemiscyllium Christine L Dudgeon, Shannon Corrigan, Lei Yang, Gerry R. Allen, Mark V. Erdmann, Fahmi, Hagi Yulia Sugeha, William T White, Gavin J.P. Naylor It can be challenging to identify the forces that drive speciation in marine environments for organisms that are capable of widespread dispersal because their contemporary distributions often belie the historical processes that were responsible for their initial diversification. In this contribution we explore the likely sequence of events responsible for the radiation of walking sharks in the genus Hemiscyllium using a dated molecular phylogeny. The nine currently recognized species in the genus consist of small, benthic sharks that are restricted to the Indo-Australian Archipelago and show limited dispersal at both juvenile and adult stages. We discuss how major tectonic changes,… Lihat
2020 Sertifikat Paten Alat Penekan Fluida Patent terkait dengan sistem tekanan (bisa gas dan bisa cairan). No. Pendaftaran P00201506294. Baru diinformasikan oleh PPII-LIPI pada 17 Januari 2020 melalui Puslit Fisika LIPI Lihat
2020 Climate Change and Migration: A Case Study of Coastal Household in Delta Mahakam – Kalimantan Migration in response to climate change should not be seen as a failure to adapt, but as a strategy undertaken to maintains households resilience. Objective: This research aims to explain the migration decision-making process of Delta Mahakam household. In detail, this research will consider the impact of climate change in the migration decision-making process of household who emigrated from their village. The increasing number of household migrating from their village suggests the importance of understanding the reason underline their movements. Methods: The data collected included qualitative data from in-depth interviews. An interview guide was formulated to facilitate in-depth interviews and… Lihat
2020 13.56 MHz Scalable Shielded Capacitive Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Suziana Ahmad, Reiji Hattori This paper proposes a scalable shielded capacitive power transfer (S-CPT) for mini electric vehicle (EV) wireless charging application. The design and analytical studies of the proposed S-CPT are introduced by using LTSpiceTM simulation software. In order to obtain an accurate calculation of the impedance matching network, the capacitances appeared in the system are observed with finite element analysis (FEA) tools using ElecNetTM software from InfolyticaTM. With a 3-cm shield-shield gap, 3.46 pF of coupling capacitance and 10.9 pF of shield coupling capacitance are acquired by FEA. A Spice simulation result shows as high as 97% efficiency provided by the proposed… Lihat
2020 [Prosiding] Studies on Nickel-based Bimetallic Catalysts for the Hydrodeoxygenation of Stearic Acid Fauzan Aulia,Nino Rinaldi,Robert Ronal Widjaya,Adid Adep Dwiatmoko,Alissya Rafiani, Nurhasni Fatty acids, which are contained in vegetable oils, can be converted into alkanes through the hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) reaction, as an alternative fuel. In this study, the HDO of stearic acid was carried out in the presence of nickel-based bimetallic catalysts supported on Silica-Alumina (SiAl) in an autoclave batch reactor using decane as a solvent. Various metals, including Fe, Cu, and Co, were added into Ni catalysts using conventional wet impregnation method. Among others, additional Cu on Ni/SiAl increased the performance of the catalyst for the reaction. Lihat
2020 Checklist Flora of Lombok (Fungi -Gymnosperm) The Checklist Flora of Lombok aims to be a complete list of the native and naturalized flora of Lombok, with current classifications, nomenclature and synonymy. The checklist in this book is divided into nine parts based on the phylogenetic classification of Byng et al. published in 2016. Lihat
2020 Micro-structures and magnetic properties of Mg-Al substituted in barium hexa-ferrite prepared by co-precipitation method Martha Rianna, Timbangen Sembiring, Marhaposan Situmorang In this study, Mg-Al substituted barium hexa-ferrite of BaFe 12- 2x Mg x Al x O 19 (x=0-0.2) materials using co-precipitation method at a calcination temperature of 1200 o C for 2 hours were carried out. The precursor concentrations of the mixture were varied to identify the optimum sample. The final powder was characterized by using XRD, FE-SEM, and VSM. The XRD shows that the Mg-Al substitution was not change the micro-structures of barium hexa-ferrite. FE-SEM observation was carried out on the surface of hexagonal shape of barium hexa-ferrite. The magnetic properties shows that the decreases saturation (Ms), remanence (Mr)… Lihat
2020 Motif Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Gen Phytoene Synthase (PSY) Penyandi Karotenoid Ubi Kayu Berumbi Kuning Hartati,N. Sri Hartati,Enny Sudarmonowati,Siti Kurniawati Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.) is a carbohydrate sources containing a limited amount of micronutrients, but some genotypes contain β-carotene as the precursor of vitamin A in the storage roots and leaves. Improvement of β-caroteneand minerals such as Fe / Zn content of cassava’s nutrition is mostly through by biofortification program. The storage root of β-carotene recognized by a yellow or yellowish color while the apical shoots with red to purplish. β-carotenein carotenoid biosynthetic pathway is an expression of the phytoene synthase (PSY) gene. The MePSY2 gene, one of the three MePSY family is the key gene to characterize carotenoids related… Lihat
2020 The effect of siam orange juice (Citrus nobilis Lour.) in extender on Garut Ram (Ovis aries L.) spermatozoa quality post -cryopreservation S Setiorini, H N Fitri The research aimed to find out the effect of Siam Orange juice in extender on Garut Ram spermatozoa quality 24 hours post-cryopreservation. Semen was collected from five rams once a week using an artificial vagina. Semen sample was diluted in Tris-egg yolk-based extender containing 0 % (KK), 5 % (KP 1), 10 % (KP 2), 15 % (KP 3) and 20 % (KP 4) Siam orange juice. Semen was packed in 0.25 ml straw with a final concentration of 50x106 spermatozoa/mL.Sperm was equilibrated at 5° C for two hours then frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen (LN2) tube. Sperm parameters,… Lihat
2020 Preferensi Petani terhadap 15 Galur Padi Gogo di Tabalong-Kalimantan Selatan Suherman, Irwan Sanjaya, Muhammad Prastiyo Upaya menghasilkan suatu varietas unggul baru tanaman padi, sudah selayaknya melibatkan calon pengguna seperti petani. Selera petani atau masyarakat di setiap daerah terhadap suatu varietas dapat berbeda bergantung pada pola konsumsi, budaya dan lingkungan setempat. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui preferensi petani terhadap 15 galur harapan padi gogo toleran aluminium. Pengumpulan data dilakukan di Desa Bintang Ara, Kecamatan Bintang Ara, Kabupaten Tabalong, Kalimantan Selatan. Sebanyak 30 responden petani menilai penampilan galur padi gogo pada fase menjelang panen. Pengamatan dilakukan secara visual terhadap karakter agronomis yang tampak. Sejumlah 15 galur harapan padi gogo ditanam pada petak berukuran 1 m x 5… Lihat