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2019 SITE SUITABILITY ANALYSIS FOR COMMUNITY-BASED TROPICAL SEA CUCUMBER, Holothuria scabra, GROW-OUT IN NORTH SULAWESI WATERS Marenda Pandu Rizqi S.Pi. M.Sc., Supono S.Si, Marenda Pandu Rizqi S.Pi. M.Sc. North Sulawesi has been designated as one of the areas for aquaculture development in Indonesia, yet it has been experiencing a decline in the population of commercial sea cucumber. Although recent technologies have enabled small scale hatcheries to produce reared sea cucumbers for restocking and commercial purposes, the grow-out phase requires further resources (e.g., including ex situ grow-out sites, labor, and distribution). This study aims to investigate the suitability of potential grow-out sites for juvenile Holothuria scabra sea cucumber in North Sulawesi waters. Three traditional sandfish fishing grounds in the coastal area of the North Minahasa regency in North Sulawesi,… Lihat
2019 High Performance Grid Computing: Challenges and Opportunities of High Speed Networking Dr. Heru Susanto S.Kom, M.Sc, Leu Fang-Yie, PhD; Chin Kang Chen, PhD Over the years, grid computing has become a dynamic technology trend along with cloud computing, distributed computing, object-oriented programming which has set up high performance computing in several scientific environments. scientific high performance computing method was highly involved in every aircrafts and weapons design. They were also used for code breaking. During World War II, Enigma’s code were cracked by machines in UK. Later on, Seymour Roger Cray, an American electrical engineer designed and created the fastest supercomputer named CDC6600 at Control Data Corporation (CDC). The point of having HPC is to allow individual nodes to work together in order… Lihat
2019 ORNITHOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS FROM MARATUA AND BAWEAN ISLANDS, INDONESIA Dr. Dewi Malia Prawiradilaga M.Sc., Mohammad Irham M.Sc., Tri Haryoko S.Pt.M.Si, Frederick H. Sheldon Indonesia’s many islands, large and small, make it an important center of avian diversity and endemism. Current biogeographic understanding, however, is limited by the lack of modern genetic samples for comparative analyses from most of these islands, and conservation efforts are hampered by the paucity of recent information from small islands peripheral to major, more commonly visited islands. In November and December 2016, we visited Maratua, an oceanic coral atoll 50 km east of Borneo, and Bawean, a volcanic island on the Sunda continental shelf 150 km north of Java, to survey birds and collect specimens for morphological and genetic… Lihat
2019 Information Security Management System: A Novel Framework and Software as a Tool for Compliance with Information Security Standard Dr. Heru Susanto S.Kom, M.Sc,Mohammad Nabil Almunawar, PhD This new volume, Information Security Management Systems: A Novel Framework and Software as a Tool for Compliance with Information Security Standard, looks at information security management system standards, risk management associated with information security, and information security awareness within an organization. The authors aim to improve the overall ability of organizations to participate, forecast, and actively assess their information security circumstances. It is important to note that securing and keeping information from parties who do not have authorization to access such information is an extremely important issue. To address this issue, it is essential for an organization to implement an… Lihat
2019 Chapter 3. Status, trends and future dynamics of biodiversity and ecosystems underpinning nature's contributions to people Tri Haryoko S.Pt.M.Si, Niamir Biodiversity at the species and ecosystem levels is currently under multiple threats almost everywhere in the Asia-Pacific region, and in many areas the situation is now critical (well established). Of the various ecosystems, lowland evergreen forests, alpine ecosystems, limestone karsts, inland wetlands, and estuarine and coastal habitats are most threatened (well established). Genetic diversity within species, both wild and domestic, is also decreasing in many cases as a result of decreasing ranges (established but incomplete). In several countries there has been a small increase in the forest cover which is mostly attributed to monoculture forestry plantations and enabling policies of… Lihat
2019 GH-10 and GH-11 Endo-1,4-β-xylanase enzymes from Kitasatospora sp. produce xylose and xylooligosaccharides from sugarcane bagasse with no xylose inhibition Dr. Yopi ,Dr. Puspita Lisdiyanti M. Agr. Chem,Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Prasetya , Nanik Rahmani M.Si. A novel strategy for the low-cost, high-yield co-production of xylose and xylooligosaccharides together with no xylose inhibition was developed using a novel heterologous expression of XYN10Ks_480 endo-1,4-β-xylanase with a ricin-typeβ-trefoil type of domain and XYN11Ks_480 endo-1,4-β-xylanase with a CBM 2 superfamily from the Kitasatospora sp in an actinomycetes expression system. Xylose is the main building block for hemicellulose xylan. Our findings demonstrated high levels of expression and catalytic activity for XYN10Ks_480 during hydrolysis of the extracted xylan of bagasse, and three types of xylan-based substrates were used to produce xylose and xylooligosaccharides. However, hydrolysis by XYN11Ks_480 produced xylooligosaccharides without xylose… Lihat
2019 Micromagnetic Study on the Magnetization Reversal of Barium Hexaferrite (BaFe12O19) Thin Film Candra Kurniawan S.Si.,Dede Djuhana, Dita Oktri This study investigates a magnetization reversal mechanism based on the hysteresis curve of Barium Hexaferrite (BFO) thin film by micromagnetic simulation through parallel and perpendicular magnetization directions along the axes. The hexagonal shape of the BFO film was modeled with thicknesses of 5, 10, and 15 nm and a diameter size ranging from 50 to 100 nm. It was found that the coercivity field HC and the saturation field HS of the BFO film decreased as the diameter size increased and thickness decreased. It was observed that the nucleation field HN increased as the diameter size increased. An analysis of… Lihat
2019 MULTIKULTURALISME: BELAJAR DARI MASYARAKAT PERDESAAN Robert Siburian S.E., MS.i Through this paper, I would like to explain how multiculturalism was implemented by the citizens in Kerta Buana village. The multiculturalism values had been implemented since the government of Indonesia located them at there. Those values of multiculturalism are important to be implemented because transmigrants who were alocated in Kerta Buana village came from various places and different religions and cultures, such as Hindu-Bali and Islam-Java came from Bali island, and Sasak-Lombok came from Lombok island. The differences had became a conflict potention if those differences fail to be managed. Public figures of each society and religion group understood on… Lihat
2019 Penyimpanan biji dan mikropropagasi anggrek pensil (Papilionanthe hookeriana) di Kebun Raya Bogor Elizabeth Handini S.P. Handini E. 2018. Penyimpanan biji dan mikropropagasi anggrek pensil (Papilionanthe hookeriana) di Kebun Raya Bogor. Pros Sem Nas Masy Biodiv Indon 5: 7-12. Papilionanthe hookeriana sebagai Ratu Anggrek ditemukan di Bengkulu dan Bangka Belitung berpotensi sebagai tanaman hias. Anggrek ini berdaun terete dan hidup alami di habitat perairan atau semi perairan. Penyimpanan biji pada-20ᵒC dan uji viabilitas biji anggrek ditujukan untuk memperpanjang masa simpan biji dan menjaga ketersediaan bibit anggrek. Perbanyakan anggrek ini dilakukan secara in vitro menggunakan biji. Biji dari buah yang pecah setelah disimpan dalam desikator selama lima sampai tujuh hari, sebagian diletakkan di freezer dalam suhu-20 ᵒC.… Lihat
2019 SERAPAN ANGGARAN MELESET, PENGAMAT: KINERJA BELUM OPTIMAL penulis: atalya puspapada: rabu, 02 jan 2019, 21:20 wib megapolitan Sumber: SERAPAN ANGGARAN MELESET, PENGAMAT: KINERJA BELUM OPTIMAL PEMERINTAH Provinsi DKI Jakarta menutup tahun 2018 dengan serapan anggaran belanja daerah sebesar 82,03 persen, atau sebesar Rp61,59. Angka tersebut meleset dari target yang seharusnya sebesar Rp75,09 triliun. Ketua Fraksi PDI-P DPRD DKI Jakarta, Gembong Warsono, menilai rendahnya penyerapan tersebut disebabkan oleh kebijakan rotasi yang dibuat oleh Gubernur DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan. Dirinya menilai, kebijakan tersebut tidak efisien dan menjadikan serapan anggaran DKI tidak maksimal. "Kebijakan yang tempo hari lakukan rotasi pejabat eselon II, Gubernur menetapkan pejabat pada posisi plt. Walau Anies menyampaikan plt sama kewenangan dengan pejabat, tapi di lapangan plt tidak… Lihat