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2018 The diversity of aroids (Araceae) in Bogor Botanic Gardens, Indonesia: collection, conservation and utilization Yuzammi Bogor Botanic Gardens is an ex-situ conservation centre, covering an area of 87 ha, with 12,376 plant specimens, collected from Indonesia and other tropical countries throughout the world. One of the richest collections in the Gardens comprises members of the aroid family (Araceae). The aroids are planted in several garden beds as well as in the nursery. They have been collected from the time of the Dutch era until now. These collections were obtained from botanical explorations throughout the forests of Indonesia and through seed exchange with botanic gardens around the world. Several of the Bogor aroid collections represent living… Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.5. Exploiting a readily available but hard to digest resource: A review of exudativorous mammals identified thus far and how they cope in captivity Francis CABANA, Ellen S. DIERENFELD, WIRDATETI, Giuseppe DONATI and K. A. I. NEKARIS2 Gum is a widely available carbohydrate, composed mainly of non-digestible structural carbohydrates. No mammalianenzymes can digest gum; therefore, a mammal ingesting gum must rely on microbial fermentation to accessthe energy it possesses. Gums are relatively nutrient poor. Despite this, some mammals have evolved to exploitthis food resource. We aim to review the literature for all mammal species which have been recorded toingest gum, whether quantified or not, and discuss this in the context of their evolutionary adaptations. We alsoinvestigated the recommended captive diets for these species to look at whether gum is recommended. We conducteda literature search on ISI Web… Lihat
2018 Analysis of the influence of reservoirs utilization to water quality profiles in Indonesia (Saguling Jatiluhur) and Malaysia (Temengor Chenderoh) with special references to cascade reservoirs. Subehi L, Siti Norasikin Ismail, Ridwansyah I, Muzzalifah Abd Hamid, Mashhor Mansor Abstract. Tropical reservoir is the one ecosystem which is functioning in both ecological and economical services. As the settling of water volume, it harbors many species of fish. The objective of this study is to analyze the utilization and management of reservoirs related to their water quality conditions, represent by tropical reservoirs from Indonesia and Malaysia. Survey at Jatiluhur and Saguling (Indonesia) was conducted in March 2014 and September 2015, respectively while in Temengor and Chenderoh (Malaysia), the survey was done in January 2014 and April 2017, respectively. Based on elevation, Saguling and Temengor are upstream reservoirs. On the contrary,… Lihat
2018 Prosiding Global Accepted: Micro Structure and Hardness Analysis of Brass Metal Welded Lukman Faris Nurdiyansah S.T.,Dr. Ir. Bambang Prihandoko M.T.,Ir. Muljadi M.Si., Djuhana Brass metals are widely used for plumbing fittings. High tensile brasses are more highly alloyed and find uses in marine engineering. The welding of brass metal has been done by using electrical weld machine (SMAW). The microstructure of brass metal welded was observed by optical microscope. The result can see that the microstructure has been changed due to heat from welding. The microstructure of original brass metal is seen a fine laminar stucture, but the microstructure at HAZ appears bigger grains and some area at HAZ is seen coarser microstructure. The microstructure at weld zone can be seen that it… Lihat
2018 Land Use Change Assessment and Its Demand Projection in Batanghari River Basin, Sumatra, Indonesia Nurya Utami, Asep Sapei, Apip This study covers land use change in the region of Batanghari River Basin. Land use maps were derived from supervised classification of LANDSAT MS/ETM/OLI satellite imagery. The objectives of this study were to observe and analyse the changes of land use and project the temporal demand for each land use. Classification of images was categorized into six classes, namely water body, settlement, agriculture, bush, open land and forest. The validation for classification result using Kappa statistics with average accuracy of 85 persen -95 persen. Based on the classification results, the largest extent of land cover change is forest areas into… Lihat
2018 Jurnal Global Accepted: Preparation of ferrosilicon-aluminium coating using a mechanical alloying technique: Study of thermal annealing on their structural characteristics Dr. Toto Sudiro , Didik Aryanto , Toto Sudiro In the present study, ferrosilicon-aluminium coating was successfully deposited on the surface of low‑carbon steel using mechanical alloying (MA) technique. The coating structures after MA and annealing were studied using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with energy disperse X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). The roughness and hardness of the coatings were measured by Surfcorder SE300 and microhardness tester, respectively. The coating thickness after mechanical alloying is in the range of 65 μm to 100 μm and the surface roughness is around 11.581 μm. Phase analysis showed that ferrosilicon-aluminium coating was composed by FeSi2, Si… Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.4.PENGAMATAN INKUBASI TELUR ELSEYA RHODINI DENGAN PENYOROTAN LAMPU (CANDLING) Ni Luh Putu Rischa Phadmacanty, Mumpuni The information of embryo development is important to predict the incubation periods, age of embryoand time of hatchling. However, those information is difficult to obtain without invasive methods bydissecting the eggs. Another method to observe the embryo is by candling. Candling can use various light source to enlighten the eggs area so the image of embryo is visible. The observation of embryodevelopment of The Southern New Guinea Stream Turtle (Elseya rhodini ) using candling methods werecarried out in captive breeding experimental facility of RCB-LIPI. The results showed that general embryodevelopment can be observed using simple light source such as handphone… Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.5. INDOBIOSYS DNA BARCODING AS A TOOL FOR THE RAPID ASSESSMENT OF HYPERDIVERSE INSECT TAXA IN INDONESIA: A STATUS REPORT Bruno Cancian de Araujo, Stefan Schmidt, Thomas von Rintelen, Hari Sutrisno, Kristina von Rintelen, Rosichon Ubaidillah, Chrisoph Hauser, Djunijanti Peggie, Raden Pramesa Narakusumo, Michael Balke Bruno Cancian de Araujo, Stefan Schmidt, Thomas von Rintelen, Hari Sutrisno, Kristina von Rintelen, Rosichon Ubaidillah, Chrisoph Hauser, Djunijanti Peggie, Raden Pramesa Narakusumo, Michael Balke. 2017. INDOBIOSYS DNA BARCODING AS A TOOL FOR THE RAPID ASSESSMENT OF HYPERDIVERSE INSECT TAXA IN INDONESIA: A STATUS REPORT. Treubia (44): 67-76 Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.9 CURIK BALI: KEKAYAAN HAYATI INDONESIA YANG TERANCAM PUNAH Mas Noerdjito, Eko Sulistyadi, dan Ibnu Maryanto PENEMUAN CURIK BALIPada tahun 1912, di Bubunan, Bali, Stresemann menemukan burungyang kemudian disebut sebagai curik bali/Bali Myna (Leucopsarrothschildi Stresemann, 1912) (Amadon 1962: 112). Leucos berartiputih, sedangkan psar berarti jalak. Nama rothschildi digunakansebagai penghormatan kepada Baron Rothschild, seorang ahliburung yang rumahnya digunakan oleh Stresemann untuk bekerja(Jobling 1991: 129).Curik bali diketahui memiliki tubuh seukuran jalak putih.Tubuhnya berbulu putih dengan ujung sayap dan ekor berwarnahitam, terdapat jambul di kepala serta terdapat daerah yang tidakberbulu dan berwarna biru di bagian muka. Selain itu juga memilikiparuh berwarna kekuningan dan kaki berwarna abu-abu.Secara alami, jenis ini ternyata hanya terdapat di antaraBubunan dan Gilimanuk di Pulau Bali… Lihat
2018 ZO.SS1.5 Squeezing water from a stone: High-throughput sequencing from a 145-year old holotype resolves (barely) a cryptic species problem in flying lizards Jimmy A McGuire, Darko D Cotoras, Brendan OConnell, Shobi Z S Lawalata, Cynthia Y Wang- Claypool, Alexander Stubbs, Xiaoting Huang, Guinevere O U Wogan, Sarah M Hykin, Sean B Reilly, Ke Bi, Awal Riyanto, Evy Arida, Lydia L Smith, Heather Milne, Jeffrey W Streicher, Djoko T Iskandar We used Massively Parallel High-Throughput Sequencing to obtain genetic data from a 145-year old holotype specimen of the flying lizard, Draco cristatellus. Obtaining genetic data from this holotype was necessary to resolve an otherwise intractable taxonomic problem involving the status of this species relative to closely related sympatric Draco species that cannot otherwise be distinguished from one another on the basis of museum specimens. Initial analyses suggested that the DNA present in the holotype sample was so degraded as to be unusable for sequencing. However, we used a specialized extraction procedure developed for highly degraded ancient DNA samples and MiSeq… Lihat