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2020 Plant Materials Transferred Management: A part of ex-situ conservation business process of Cibodas Botanic Gardens Imawan W. Hidayat, Yudi Suhendri One of the botanic gardens businesses is socializing cultivated plants from the garden to be further utilized, especially for reforestation (and other conservation purposes), research and educational purposes. This socialization can be conducted through seeds exchange and plant (and parts) that transferred for various users. Cibodas Botanic Gardens (CBG), as one of the Indonesian botanic gardens, is also conducted this activity. Plant materials and so the data needed for these purposes are recorded in the material(s) transfer agreement (MTA). The study aimed to analyze the number, type, and species of transferred plant materials and the data, the background of the… Lihat
2020 Determinants of innovation among manufacturing firms in a developing country: Insights from Indonesia Yovita Isnasari,Puguh Prasetyoputra Many studies have examined the drivers of innovation among firms in developed settings. However, such studies in the Indonesia context is limited. This study aims to investigate the determinants of innovation among firms in Indonesia. The data was taken from World Bank Enterprise Survey (WBES), particularly the Indonesia dataset. The focus was on 996 manufacturing firms. Product and process innovation became the dependent variables. Multivariable probit regression models were constructed. The results showed that the firms which had higher product innovation were the following firms: part of a larger group; had patent; managed by female; located in a large city;… Lihat
2020 Kajian Pendahuluan Floristik dan Fitososiologi Pohon di Pulau Simeuleu Provinsi Aceh Simeuleu island is located in the western part of Sumatera belonging to Aceh Province. Floristic and phytososiological information of vegetation in Simeuleu island is limited and not much study has been conducted, especialy trees species group (diameter≥ 10 cm). Two study plots were used: one hectare at Kuala Makmur forest and one ha at Alafan forest (100 m× 100 m). Density analisys at Kuala Makmur recorded 329 individuals/ha while at Alafan consisted of 377 individuals/ha (average of 353 individuals/ha). Total basal area at Kuala Makmur 29.48 m2/ha while at Alafan was 44.28 m2/ha (with an average of 36.88 m2/ha). The… Lihat
2020 Ujian Nasional dan Kemerdekaan Belajar BEBERAPA waktu lalu Mendikbud Nadiem Makarim menyampaikan empat pokok kebijakan Merdeka Belajar, salah satunya ialah penghapusan Ujian Nasional (UN). 2020 menjadi tahun pamungkas bagi pelaksanaan UN sebab di 2021 akan ada asesmen kompetensi minimum (ASK) dan survei karakter (SK) yang fokus pada literasi, numerasi, dan karakter. Lihat
2020 Review on Powered Mobility and Meal Preparing Assistive Devices for Physically Disabled Persons Bahrudin,Salman Masroor, Hasan Bulut, Chyi-Yeu Lin Over the past decade, disability and aging have become serious global problems. The rapid growth of disabled and aging people in the society necessitates the employment of caregivers to assist them in performing everyday activities. However, caregiving is highly expensive with high injury rates. To transfer the people who cannot help themselves, a transfer aide becomes essential equipment. Mobility assistive devices can increase the mobility and reduce the risk of injury for both disabled and caregiver, particularly in bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Although many smart devices were invented, they all required some degree of manual operations and assistance but assistive… Lihat
2020 AMELIORATIVE EFFECT OF Etlingera calophrys (K.Schum.) RHIZOME ETHANOLIC EXTRACT ON HIGH FAT DIET-INDUCED OBESE ZEBRAFISH Loly Subhiaty Idrus, Fajar Fakri, Rika Hartati, & I Ketut Adnyana Obesity is a major factor associated with inflammatory and various metabolic syndromes. Etlingera caloprhys, an Indonesia plant native from Southeast Sulawesi, is traditionally used years as daily food ingredient by local communities. The present paper presents an in vitro and in vivo study related to the anti-obesity effects of Etlingera caloprhys ethanol extract (ECEE). An experiment was conducted to evaluate in vitro pancreatic lipase enzyme (PLE) inhibition and in vivo anti-obesity activity in high fat diet (HFD) induced obese zebrafish fed with 10% w/w and 20% w/w ECEE-HFD were evaluated. To confirm anti-obesity activity, a set of obesity and biochemistry… Lihat
2020 The effect of siam orange juice (Citrus nobilis Lour.) in extender on Garut Ram (Ovis aries L.) spermatozoa quality post -cryopreservation S Setiorini, H N Fitri The research aimed to find out the effect of Siam Orange juice in extender on Garut Ram spermatozoa quality 24 hours post-cryopreservation. Semen was collected from five rams once a week using an artificial vagina. Semen sample was diluted in Tris-egg yolk-based extender containing 0 % (KK), 5 % (KP 1), 10 % (KP 2), 15 % (KP 3) and 20 % (KP 4) Siam orange juice. Semen was packed in 0.25 ml straw with a final concentration of 50x106 spermatozoa/mL.Sperm was equilibrated at 5° C for two hours then frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen (LN2) tube. Sperm parameters,… Lihat
2020 Application of silver-assisted laser desorption ionization ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry for the speciation of sulfur compounds Widya Fatriasari,Nissa Nurfajrin Solihat,Thamina Acter, Nissa Nurfajrin Solihat, Sungjune Kim, Nizam Uddin, Ahmad Ismail Mustafa, Sayed Md. Shamsuddin, Sunghwan Kim We herein report the optimization and application of silver cationization (Ag+) in combination with laser desorption ionization (LDI) ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry (UHR-MS) to determine the structures of the sulfur-containing compounds present in heavy crude oil. A number of sulfur-containing model compounds were used to optimize the positive-ion mode LDI-MS conditions in the presence of a silver-complexing agent. Under the optimized LDI conditions, sulfur-rich heavy oil fractions were treated with the silver salt, where Ag+ coordinated with the sulfur atoms to speciate the sulfur species. The obtained results suggested that benzothiophenic, naphtheno-non-aromatic sulfides, and non-aromatic thiols were the major components present… Lihat
2020 Exploration of jet substructure using iterative declustering in pp and Pb–Pb collisions at LHC energies ALICE Collaboration, Suharyo Sumowidagdo The ALICE collaboration at the CERN LHC reports novel measurements of jet substructure in pp collisions at 𝑠√= 7 TeV and central Pb-Pb collisions at 𝑠NN‾‾‾‾√ = 2.76 TeV. Jet substructure of track-based jets is explored via iterative declustering and grooming techniques. We present the measurement of the momentum sharing of two-prong substructure exposed via grooming, the 𝑧g, and its dependence on the opening angle, in both pp and Pb-Pb collisions. We also present the first measurement of the distribution of the number of branches obtained in the iterative declustering of the jet, which is interpreted as the number of… Lihat
2020 Measurement of strange baryon–antibaryon interactions with femtoscopic correlations ALICE Collaboration, Suharyo Sumowidagdo Two-particle correlation functions were measured for pp‾ , pΛ‾ , p‾Λ , and ΛΛ‾ pairs in Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=2.76 TeV and sNN=5.02 TeV recorded by the ALICE detector. From a simultaneous fit to all obtained correlation functions, real and imaginary components of the scattering lengths, as well as the effective ranges, were extracted for combined pΛ‾ and p‾Λ pairs and, for the first time, for ΛΛ‾ pairs. Effective averaged scattering parameters for heavier baryon–antibaryon pairs, not measured directly, are also provided. The results reveal similarly strong interaction between measured baryon–antibaryon pairs, suggesting that they all annihilate in the same… Lihat