Kajian Komponen Kimia Jati Platinum berdasarkan Umur Pohon (II)

Penulis: Pramasari, D.A., E. Lestari, A. Bahanawan, D.S Adi, & W. Dwianto
Platinum teak wood is a fast growing wood by tissue culture method which has been developed by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Inspite of a fast growing wood, it is expected have similar properties with conventional teak wood, especially in strength and durability. Unfortunately, Platinum teak wood has still limited information of the basic properties; including information of chemical components that can be used for determined the prospects of its utilization. Hence, the aim of this study was to investigate alteration of chemical components of Platinum teak wood based on the tree age or growth. In the previous research, the samples of Platinum teak wood (2 and 5 years of growth) were used for chemical component analysis. The present study is using Platinum Teak wood in 3 and 8 years growth which were selected from two locations in the Cibinong Science Center Nurseries. The chemical component of samples were analyzed by using Mokushitsu Kagaku Jiken Manual standard. The result showed that the range value for chemical components of Platinum Teak wood in 2-8 years growth were extractive content that soluble in alcohol-benzene (0.66 - 3.16 persen), the lignin content (29.01-31.81 persen), the holocellulose content (70.58- 74.94 persen), and α-cellulose content (41.67- 49.19 persen). Meanwhile, the result of statistical analysis showed that the alteration of chemical component was significantly affected by tree age. Furthermore, the other conclusion has been suggested that Platinum Teak wood has similar chemical component with the conventional teak wood and prospective for wood industry.

Prosiding Seminar Nasional XVIII Masyarakat Peneliti Kayu Indonesia (MAPEKI). Bandung, 4- 5 November 2015. Hal. 190-197.

ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : ISSN : 2407-2036

No. Arsip : LIPI-16013