The Role of Sub-Target in the Transversely Excited Atmospheric Pressure CO2 Laser-Induced Shock-Wave Plasma

Penulis: M.M. Suliyanti, Rinda, H.Kurniawan and K.Kagawa
A transversely excited atmospheric pressure (TEA) CO2 laser pulse (50mJ, 100ns) was focused on silicon grease which is painted on a copper plate as a sub-target with a power density of 6GW/cm2 under reduced pressure. The comparison of the characteristics of the induced laser plasma between two cases, with sub-target and without sub-target was made. It is proved that the emission spectrum assigned to the silicon atom can be detected only for the case with the sub-target. It is also proved that in the absence of the subtarget, the gushing speed of the atom is very low , while for the case with sub-target the gushing speed of atoms becomes very fast. It is shown that the setting of sub-target is very effective for producing laser-induced shock wave plasma and it is very effective for the realize quantitative analysis of a soft material.

Japan Journal of Applied Physics 37 (1998) 6628

ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : mari004

DOI: Maria Margaretha Suliyanti

No. Arsip : LIPI-98008