Multi-scaled Spectral Features of GPR Signals for Landmine Detection and Performance Evaluation in Some Actual Situations

Penulis: Budiman Putra Asma'ur Rohman S.T.,Masahiko Nishimoto
Ground penetrating radar is a non-destructive method which promising for the humanitarian demining. For detecting the existence of the landmine, the multi-scaled power spectrum based features have been proposed by previous research. The results show that this method provides a very high detection rate with minimum feature number. In order to reveal the performance in more realistic conditions, this research examines the method in the presence of clutter object and background noise. The clutter object size and material are selected randomly while the signal to noise ratio level is in the range 0 dB – 20 dB. The results indicate that the method is able to preserve its performance in all given cases.

The 70th Joint Conference of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineers in Kyushu 2017

No. Arsip : LIPI-20180712