Penulis: R. Syamsul Hidayat
Plankton is organism that is floating in the water. Plankton that inclúded in plant kingdom is called phytoplankton. In a pond ecosystern, the consumers consist of many different life forms from Protista to Mammals. This show there is big energy produced by the pond's producers that are Cryptogammae and Phanerogamrnae (Hydrif!a verticilata, Nymphaea spp, Ne!umbo spp.). ponci is static freshwater ecosystem. Zonation of a pand art? !ittora/, {imaetik and profundal. Bogor Bûthnic.a; Gardens pond play a roie as the sout•ce of energy and to supp!y energy for garáen's living tollections. The big pond at Bogor Eot.anicaí Gardens has an popu!ation 7 1328, ? 25 individual//iter water and contain 4.335.94 mg/iiter oxygen.

Warta Kebun Raya 2005 Vol. 5 (1) halaman 37-42

ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : ISSN - 0215-5001

No. Arsip : LIPI-20220329
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