Occurrence of Pyrodinium bahamense blooms related to cyst accumulation in the bottom sediments in the bays at Ambon, Lampung and Jakarta, Indonesia

In Indonesia, the first confirmed Pbc bloom occurred in Kao Bay (Halmahera Island, East Indonesia) on March1994. Several months later, a tragedy happened in Ambon Bay. Three children died and 33 persons were hospitalized as a consequence of consuming shellfish. High concentrations of Pbc cells (0.4-1.6 x 103 cells and 41% of total cells) were found to be responsible for this tragedy. Since then, Pbc bloom events have spread progressively to other areas in Indonesian waters, such as Piru and Elpaputih Bay (Banda sea), Sorong, Biak, and Cendrawasih Bay (Northern Papua waters), Ujung Pandang (Sulawesi) and Jakarta Bay

Harmful Algae News, N0.52. IOC UNESCO

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