An Experimental Model Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam for Energy Harvesting

Penulis: Aditya Sukma Nugraha; Sapdo Utomo
Research of energy harvesting is increasing rapidly over last decade. In this study has effort in laboratory scale of energy harvesting with a piezoelectric cantilever beam. The harvester is placed in the middle of the cantilever beam to simulate. This paper is intended to investigate piezoelectric energy harvesting from vibration induced by vertical loads. The design of Cantilever beam configuration piezoelectric is analyzed by finite element method (FEM) to get the first mode of the system. The prediction result by finite element software for the first mode is 91,24 Hz. The effect of displacement, velocity, acceleration with Piezoelectric moving load function on the produced power also investigated in this paper. The experimental result shows the studied mode shape variable can be effected on the energy harvesting result. Lastly, the research results prove that the theory of vibration is the highest voltage is located in the natural frequency of the system.

FoITIC 2017

No. Arsip : LIPI-17040