Performance of Solar Concentrator with and without Mirror Coating Paper

Penulis: Muhamad Muslih, Oscar Haris, Dewi Sartika Thamren, Ramayanty Bulan
The utilization of solar energy continues to be developed to get the best efficiency. This energy can be used for electricity generation, cooling, and/or drying. One technology that is still under development is the use of solar concentrators. Therefore, our paper aims to measure the performance of the development of a solar collection unit coated with mirror paper. Furthermore, the data is compared with the test data for solar concentrators without mirror paper that was carried out by previous researchers in 2019. The method used in this research is a field experiment. A simple statistical comparison method was carried out on the experimental data. Field testing was conducted after the solar concentrator was coated with mirror paper. The test was carried out for 5 days in full shining sun conditions in Sukabumi Regency, Indonesia. The surface coating of the solar concentrator with mirror paper has not been able to improve the performance of the solar concentrator satisfactorily. Solar concentrators can heat the fluid from its initial average temperature of 19.37 %.

Trends in Sciences (Former Walailak Journal of Science and Technology), 19 (3)

ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : 2774-0226


No. Arsip : LIPI-20220128