Potential Utilization on Patent Wood Product to Fulfill the Needs from Renewable Resources

Penulis: Tommy Hendrix, Ferianto
Wood industry in perspective of sustainable development faced with a number of issues such as shortages of raw materials, inefficiency, overcapacity, competitiveness of products and low added value. Development of new product based on needs of customer, becomes one of new models for continuing diversification product. Capturing from harvesting result on R & D seem become more sophisticated especially utilization source natural wealth from wood. This kind of knowledge bring more value in order to complete customer satisfaction, moreover no bordering limitation of kind product that used by end users. This paper discuss how user can know competition among the same product through utilization of patent database that registered on WIPO fields. Methodologies that apply in paper using software Matheo Patent Xe To see more information related utilization wood technology such as potential useful through strategy, research and development, patent analysis and patent collaboration among users. The result that can be obtain from patent analysis in wood product, is to find out how the development of technology and products that have been produced as well as how commercial processes connecting with technology users, especially in renewable resources. Summary report from utilization of R & D on wood patent database can be apply incase opportunity in dissemination with industrial and stakeholder that needs impact on newest implementation of technology and level competitiveness in appropriate designation to commercialization form renewable resources.


ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : 2459-9867

No. Arsip : LIPI-16004