Extracting visible s-channel Higgs in the lepton scattering

Penulis: L.T. Handoko
The contributions of $s-$channel Higgs in l^+ l^- -> q bar{q}$ processes in the general lepton collider (l^+ l^- collider) is studied. A framework to extract the contribution by using the experiment results from both electron and future heavy-lepton colliders at same center-of-mass energy is proposed. Deviations due to the $s-$channel Higgs contributions are analysed and discussed for the heavy-quark final states by using the cross-section and forward-backward asymmetry. It is shown that significant deviations are expected in the forward-backward asymmetry difference between the experiment results at both colliders for the top quark final state within the Standard Model frame.


No. Arsip : LIPI-96011