Quantum Effects in the Thermoelectric Power Factor of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors

Penulis: Dr. Eddwi Hesky Hasdeo S.Si., M.Sc.,Nguyen T. Hung, Ahmad R. T. Nugraha, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, and Riichiro Saito
We theoretically investigate the interplay between the confinement length L and the thermal de Broglie wavelength Λ to optimize the thermoelectric power factor of semiconducting materials. An analytical formula for the power factor is derived based on the one-band model assuming nondegenerate semiconductors to describe quantum effects on the power factor of the low dimensional semiconductors. The power factor is enhanced for one- and two-dimensional semiconductors when L is smaller than Λ of the semiconductors. In this case, the low-dimensional semiconductors having L smaller than their Λ will give a better thermoelectric performance compared to their bulk counterpart. On the other hand, when L is larger than Λ, bulk semiconductors may give a higher power factor compared to the lower dimensional ones.

Physical Review Letters, (2016), 117, 036602

ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : ISSN 1079-7114

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.036602

No. Arsip : LIPI-20180611