Seleksi media untuk regenerasi kalus dan peningkatan pembentukan planlet tanaman Tacca leontopetaloides

Penulis: Andri Fadillah Martin, Evan Maulana dan Tri Muji Ermayanti
Tissue culture is a technique to produce transplants having similar genotipe as the mother plants or to improve plant genetic by creating a new genotipe. Tacca leontopetaloides is a tuber plants potential for alternative food resource due to its carbohydrate content. This plant species also produces secondary metabolites used for medicinal purposes. This plant grows in limited areas in several coastal areas in Indonesia. In some areas, the flour of this plants have been utilized as materials for some food products. The aims of the study were to select the best medium and to incrase the plantlet formation of Tacca leontopetaloides. Seeds and leaf blades were surface-sterilized then they were cultured on MS medium containing BAP. In this medium, both explants formed compact dan white callus. Callus was then regenerated on the medium containing 2,4-D in combination with BAP to form shoots. Plantlet formation was increased by treatment of different light intensity and photoperiods. Plantlets were then acclimatized in a greenhouse. The results showed that the best medium for regeneration of callus to form shoots was MS containing 0.1 mg/L 2,4-D followed by trasferring callus to MS medium either with no addition of plant growth regulators or with 0.1 mg/L of BAP. Photoperiod and light intensity affected multiple shoot formation. In the greenhouse, plantlets were dormant, formed small tubers, then started to grow afterwards, then they are ready to be planted in the field.

Prosiding Seminar Nasional Kimia Terapan Indonesia 2013. Vol. 2. Hal 1-7

ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : 2088 - 9828

No. Arsip : LIPI-13027
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