Karakteristik Habitat Kura-kura Hutan sulawesi Berstatus Kritis Leucocephalon yuwonoi di Kawasan Sungai Ganonggol dan Bangkir, Sulawesi tengah

Penulis: Awal Riyanto, Suprayogo Soemarno, Hary Wawangningrum & Tukirin Partomihardjo
The Sulawesi Forest Turtle (Leucocephalon yuwonoi) is an endemic, critically endangered and listed in the appendix II of CITES. Captive breeding is need to reintroduce the species into original habitat. Captive breeding success includes a comprehensive knowledge on the biology and ecology of the species. The objective of this research is to investigate the habitat character of the turtle respectively vegetation of the riverbank, physical and chemical conditions of the water. Field surveys were conducted on the Moutong area from 11 until 19 October 2004 and on the Bangkir area from 20 until 26 October 2004. Vegetation data were obtained by developing four quadrate at the turtle habitat in each locality and were analyzed using Curtis method. The results shown that the habitat of Leucocephalon yuwonoi is transparent streaming water, neutral, not too high dissolved oxygen, water height not more than 50 cm, substrat varies from big stones, small stones, clay loam and sandy loam. The area was covered by vegetation that can provide food during all year round, such as Colocasia esculenta, Limnocharis flava, and Ipomoea aquatica.

Jurnal Biologi Indonesia 4 (2):99-116

ISSN / ISBN / IBSN : awal002

DOI: Awal Riyanto

No. Arsip : LIPI-7048