Semantic Roles Labeling for Reuse in CBR based QA System

Penulis: Wiwin Suwarningsih, Ayu Purwarianti, Iping Supriana
Reuse process in CBR (Case-Based Reasoning) cycle is responsible for proposing solutions to a number of new problems from a retrieval process. The aim of this paper is to develop a new scheme to select some cases and solutions that form QA-pairs using Semantic Role Labeling (SRL). In previous studies, the selection process of cases and solutions have been done using named entity and word co-occurrence. However, the result have not satisfaction and achieved an accuracy only 70.13 persen. This research work is focused on QA-pairs sorting. The sorting method used extracting the rules of sentence structure patterns that have been labeled semantic roles. Based on Indonesian medical Ontology, we use 123 samples of QA-pairs for testing the performance of the system. The results of this study showed a value of 80.15 persen accuracy.

The 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology

No. Arsip : LIPI-16005