The Role of Documentation and Information Center in the Management of Research Data

Penulis: Ekawati Marlina, Slamet Riyanto, Yaniasih
The data generated in the process of research activities was an asset for the institution.Those assets need to be managed recorded, stored, recovered in the future and could be used as reference for research or new publications. The common practice in documentation and information centre or library in research institutes is to document and disseminate the results of studies that have been published in journals, proceedings, and books, while research data has not been managed because they were scattered in each individual or group study. This caused the data be difficult to access, thus leading to waste of funds and duplication of research. This study identifies the role of documentation and information centre in the management of research data. Identification was done with a literature review and a Focus Group Discussion (FGD). To systematically manage research data, documentation and information was necessary to provide a data repository that serves as a means of access, and share data. From the FGD, it was known that the publication of data has not been commonly done by researchers, so that the librarian or data managers need to promote the publication and citation data. Other roles were developing metadata and data standards, defining access control policies, and building awareness of researchers regarding the data.

Internasional Conference on Science Mapping, UGM 2016

No. Arsip : LIPI-16002