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Anggun Mayang Sari S.T. , M.T.
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Pusat Penelitian Geoteknologi
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PNS (12 Jan 2013 - 03 Oct 2046)
III/b - Penata Muda Tingkat I
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Inggris, melayu dan deutsch

Riwayat Pendidikan:2009-2012: Institut Teknologi Bandung,majoring in Civil Engineering with GPA 3.42Principal subjects/occupational skills covered- Major course on geotechnical engineering knowledge- Taking latest project on seismic hazard analysis on soil and structure interaction- Concentrated in earthquake engineering, focusing on probability seismic hazard analysis and wave propagation effect on soil-structure interaction2004-2008 : Universitas Andalas,majoring in Civil Engineering with GPA 3.02Principal subjects/occupational skills covered- Major course on soil and structure engineering knowledge- Conceptual basic of research methods especially in soil research especially the effect of earthquake ground motion to the potential soil liquefaction- Taking project on Padang Earthquake, 29 Septemper 2009.2001-2004 : SMA Negeri 1 Padang Riwayat Pelatihan yang pernah dijalani : July 12th, 2010Vertical Evacuation from TsunamiGive an overview about earthquake and tsunami, how it may damage the building andand structure around onshore area, then view new technology and information on how todeal with such seismic and tsunami hazard. Geohazard International and Tsunami Preparedness in Padang International Classification May 26th , 2010Konferensi Nasional Pasca sarjana IndonesiaGive many contributions of new technology and information about civil engineering problems in recent years. Pasca sarjana ITB and Kementrian Pekerjaan Umum National classification September 26th , 2008 Batch Lesson Learnt from United States Disaster Management Explain about disaster management generally, and various kind of management that could be and Tsunami happened in this couple of years. Andalas Universuty, Padang, Indonesia and Disaster Study Center International Classification Kursus/pelatihan/seminar lain yang pernah diikuti: 1998-2010 : English course in LB-LIA and ITI Padang March 2013 :Workshop in Geotechnical Engineering Development organized by ITB and Yokohama University. November 2012 :Seminar “ Ocean Science for Indonesia Future” organized byIndonesia Maritime Institute, Oseanografi Triton, and ITB May 2012 : Professional Skills Training organized by I-MHERE FTSL and ITB April 2012 : Seminar and Professional Meeting Geopoint ”Tantangan dalam implementasi UUIG:Keterbatasan SDM) organized by Ikatan Mahasiswa Geodesi dan ITB April 2012 :Short Course on Geotechnical Engineering 2012 organized by Geotechnical Engineering ITB, HATI and Wijaya Karya December 2011 :Konferensi Nasional Pascasarjana Teknik Sipil 2011Organized by ITB, Kementrian PU dan Jasa Marga. November 2011 :National Grand Seminar Petroglanz organized by IATMI-ITB,Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Perminyakan ITB and SPE-ITB. November 2011 :Seminar OceanOvolution 2011 “Ocean and our Future”organized by Teknik Kelautan-ITB. May 2011 : Deutsch Course (bahasa Jerman) UPT Bahasa ITB dan UnPad. July 2010 : Seminar “Vertical Evacuation from Tsunami” organized byGeohazard International, Stanford University, and Univ. Andalas. May 2010 : Konferensi Nasional Pascasarjana Teknik Sipil 2010organized by FTSL-ITB dan Kementrian PU September 2008 :Seminar “Lesson Learnt From US Disaster Management”Organized by Disaster Study Center and Univ.Andalas  August 2008 :International Seminar on Earthquake and Tsunami organized byJSCE Japan, APEC, Univ. Andalas and Pemda kota Padang June 2008 :Seminar “Pembekalan dan Pembinaan Mahasiswa untuk JasaKonstruksi” organized by Univ,Andalas dan PT. Semen Padang 2008 :Practical Training in Politeknik Univ. Andalas 2008 :Field Study (KKL) in Painan, Pesisir Selatanorganized by Universitas nadalas and Pemda Painan, Pesisir Selatan
 Field Engineer in contractor company PT Arupadhatu Adisesanti 2008-2009 Office Engineer in contractor company PT Arupadhatu Adisesanti 2008-2009 Surveyor of Pemda Padang, PU and Univ. Andalas Project in 2009.
Peneliti di Kelompok Penelitian Gerakan Tanah